Monday, April 17, 2006

It Finally Rained!

It has been so dry here for weeks and I have had to water everything in the garden. Today we finally had rain! Never mind that along with it came lightening, wind and power outage for 3 hours. I was just happy to have the wet stuff! Ms. Diva is doing fine in her new home. I am having a hard time getting into the swing of milking a goat. I have milked cows for years but never a goat and my hand is still weak from the sprain so my hand gets tired. Diva is patient with me and the time is slowly coming down on milking her. Hopefully I will get faster everyday! It has been 90 degrees here for a couple of days but after the storm it has cooled off and I have even turned of the fans. Its suppose to be 45 tonight and 72 tomorrow before warming back up so I will enjoy it while I can. The kittens are running all over the house and having fun. I have to be careful where I step so I don't step on one. The chickens are growing so fast and enjoying their new bigger lot and making friends with Diva. Its just another wonderful day at Hidden Haven! Norm will be leaving Wanda's tomorrow but she is posting another story and photos of his last adventure with her so be sure and visit her and leave her a comment on all the neat things she did with Norm.


Donna said...

I'm glad it finally rained for you. As for us...we're still waiting for rain!

momxtwo said...

We had a very nice rain today in Rocky Mount, NC. We really needed it.

You have been tagged!

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Anonymous said...

It rained here too last night and I am greatly relieved as I want to tend to my roses today. I love to imagine what it is like in your house.. with the animals and the laughter.. must be wonderful. hugs xox

novaks8 said...

Yep that rain made it's way here too and canceled a tournament game over in Greenville for Chip!

We have two games tomorrow, one for each boy. Hopefully the fields will be dry by then.

I thought it was a lovely storm.
We watched it from inside the house.

Mindy said...

Glad it rained in your neckof the woods!! Sorry to hear about the sprain in your take care of you though! I love reading about your days.....its like a breath of fresh air for me...xo

Rosa said...

I wish I could visit and play with the kittens and talk with Diva! What a wonderful household!