Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Where Does The Time Go?

I got my kitchen cabinets put back together all nice and neat (for now anyways). I got the plants my neighbor gave me set out and even spent time sifting dirt! Yes, I said

sifting dirt. William tilled up an area in the front yard so I could do somemore planting. He also told me inorder to keep the grass from coming back and taking over we needed to sift the dirt. He was home to help with the first area, but now I have two other areas I have to sift and its going slow! I have a piece of chicken wire I place in the wheelbarrow, then I shovel dirt onto the wire, shake and sift the dirt out and throw the clumps of grass off to the side to haul off later. I am halfway through the second area but my arms are tired and it started to sprinkle rain so I stopped to milk Diva before it starts raining... Thats a good enough excuse... isn't it???? I also got a great new book to review in the mail today so I am going to go to bed early and read. I will post about it when I am finished but I can tell you its a really good book! I sent off some packages of soap today and have 3 packages to ship off tomorrow plus a order for 24 bars!! I never knew I would sell goatsmilk soap or have so much fun making it. My bread turned out good and I have already made a sandwich from one loaf and froze the other 2 for later. Norm is resting up at Connie and Rob's before heading to Minnesota to help celebrate Bossy Bee's birthday. Better keep an eye on him Connie cause he may hide so he can stay and play pool again! Everyone have a nice evening or day (wherever you are) and don't forget to stop and count your blessings of the day... You will be surprised at how many you have!


Donna said... amaze me with everything you get done each day.

Amy said...

Gosh you're so talented knowing how to make soap, wish I knew how.

ms*robyn said...

reading this just makes me tired! I am so happy for you, Peggy with your soap sales. You had better get making more, girl. This could become an empire! People want pure homemade now and that is what you are offering