Friday, May 19, 2006

Christian MeMe

Heather has tagged me for a meme and since I like her meme here goes:

1.What is your life verse? Matthew 5:16
2."Give a bit of your testimony? I was saved July 1962 at G.A. Camp (church summer camp for girls) and have strayed off the path a lot in my younger life. I cannot be perfect but I can try to be the best I can and let my light shine through my words and actions.
3.Do you have a favorite preacher? My favorite pastor has passed away. His name was Rev. Cox from my hometown.
4.What's the best Bible Study you've ever done? One we did on the book of Romans at Faith Baptist in Lexington.
5.What do you feel God's calling is on your life? I feel like I haven't really found my calling yet. I know God led me to be a lab tech when I wanted to be a teacher. He led me to FL to a job of going to nursing homes and drug treatment centers and doing labwork so they didn't have to travel to a doctor or hospital. My heart and mind was so changed by the different types of people I met and I think I helped change a few of theirs. I still feel there is something I am meant to do in life but I have to try to be patient till God is ready to let me know what it is.

Thanks for the meme Heather! Nice way to start the weekend.


deni said...

Good meme.

Sometimes I think God calls us to many different purposes thoughout our lives. We just haven't achieved all of them yet.

momxtwo said...

God Bless you!

Heather Smith said...

Thanks for doing this Peggy! I think we aren't all called to one specific task necessarily! God just wants us to be open to whatever He has for us to do everyday! Thanks again and have a great weekend!