Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Normal Day at the Homestead

I have had a great day. I have not had to leave the homestead to go anywhere today and I love it! I cleaned up where I had burnt leaves, then raked and burnt some more. I cleaned the livingroom and raised the windows to let all the wonderful fresh air and sunshine in. Found out that the 50 chickens I ordered that were suppose to be ALL hens have 3 roosters among them. I really didn't want a rooster but I know it must be hard to tell the sex of a baby chick 100% so will just enjoy listening to their crowing and hope they don't fight each other. If they do then I will be having chicken and dumplings from a couple of roosters. It is fun to watch them now that they know they can crow. They hear the neighbors roosters crowing and they started crowing. At first it was like a young boy with his voice changing but now they have it down pat and are crowing with the big birds! They also strut around flapping their wings and fussing at the hens. I have one white hen that puts the roosters in their place though. She doesn't take any of their bossy ways. Miss Diva has decided that if the chickens are to be her herd she will just sleep with them and not in her shed. The only problem with that is some mornings when I go to milk her she has poop on her back from sleeping under the roosting chickens! Since Precious has her kittens in the house and on the back deck Whiskers and Dimples have taken to staying on the front porch. Precious chases them if they go anywhere around where she or the kittens are. I finally moved a automatic feeder around to the front for them so they can eat when they want and not have to worry about Precious. They always sleep on the porch in summer anyway. My beans are growing like crazy and flowers are blooming all over the homestead. Spring has come and gone and I think summer is already here! I sure hope each of you are enjoying your day and your home as much as I am. I also hope you are counting all the many blessings that have come your way today. The first photo is my polish rooster. He has a beautiful head of feathers that look like a afro!
This is a photo of my other 2 roosters. They are bantam sterling roosters. (thats a hen in the lower corner)
This is Miss Diva ready to go to bed with the chickens!
Some of my pole beans.


Perri said...

Norm has arrived and is already into "trouble."

Rachel said...

Poor Miss Diva getting pooped on!
You enjoy your homestead and country life and I think that is so wonderful. There is nothing like country life. I would love to live on a farm, or at least a place big enough to have a few chickens and more animals.

But since I don't live on a farm, I just try to bloom where I'm planted!!

Connie and Rob said...

I just love to read about your days. I bet all your animals love you so much.

Take care,

Cookie said...

You seem like you having been doing this farm "thing" all your life Peggy. Its amazing how you have taken to it so well. Good on ya!!! Enjoy !!! Hugsss