Monday, June 05, 2006

Hectic At The Homestead

You could sure tell it is Monday here! First thing this morning I go to feed the chickens and get Miss Diva to milk. Well Miss Diva always runs over to eat all the chicken feed she can get before I put her leash on her to take her to milk. This morning I am banging the lids on the feed storage bins and she's not running up. I get her feed ready to take to the milking site, get the chickens feed ready and still no Miss Diva. I go in the lot and start feeding the chickens still no Miss Diva. I am worried so walk around and see her laying in her stall with her head close to her side. I am thinking she is either really sick or dead since she hasn't run to eat with the chickens. I call her name and she jumps like she has been shot! She was just taking advantage of the cooler weather we are having and sleeping in. When she realized I had fed the chickens she ran over to see if she could eat a few bites before I took her her to milk.

But the day goes downhill from there........ I was milking Miss Diva and I see Whiskers chasing a squirrel in the yard. I am so glad that the back door is closed so he can't take it inside! He comes running toward me to show his present but the squirrel is still putting up a fight and scares Miss Diva who proceeds to kick over the milk bucket to which the kittens are so happy with all the milk on the ground! Miss Diva is unhappy with the kittens, with Whiskers and with the squirrel that she has had enough in all the excitement that she tries to kick me each time I try to finish milking her. I finally just tell her she can get a longer milking tonight and take her back to the lot so she can eat her alfalfa and any chicken feed left behind. The squirrel didn't win out with whiskers but Whiskers is finished with him. The hunter instinct kicks in but he doesn't like eating his prey. William says I feed him too much cat food.
All of that mess gets cleaned up and all the rest of the animals fed, I head to the post office to mail out a few packages. I get all the way there and realize my purse is all the way here. Tell the mail ladies I will be back and run home get my purse and rush back to pay. They had already gotten my packages stamped and had my receipt waiting on me. Guess you can tell I go to the post office alot or it could be because I keep them in soap!
I come back home and work on a sign for a neighbor and myself only to see my stencils are too small so freehand it. It'll do for now. Miss Dilly decided to hop up on the deck table and leave painted paw prints everywhere after stepping in wet paint.... got that cleaned up and tried to read some blogs and leave comments only to find blogger was having a bad day too and wouldn't let me. Started a run of blueberry jelly, try to make butter with the cream off the milk I have been collecting for 9 days! It takes alot of milk to get alittle bit of cream as goatmilk is not fat. Came back to find Blogger is feeling better so am rushing to get this posted before it goes on the brink again!
I always try to do something special with my swap items I receive. When we did the vintage hankies I matted, framed and hung mine around my antique dressing table in the bedroom. When we did the collage swap I matted, framed and hung mine on a wall in the guest room. Well I have been waiting till I had free time to do something with the postcards from that swap. I wanted to use them on my coffee table. Its a wooden shipping crate that I stained. I took some of the postcards and glued them on the table. After they dried I decoupaged the coffee table. Now I can sit and look at the table and remember all my wonderful swap friends and think about where they live and what they are doing! Guess I had better get to cutting grass before it rains again. Hopefully my bad luck is gone for the day! Everyone have a wonderful day and count those many blessings that have been given us today! Seems blogger is having another bad moment and won't let me download the photo of the coffee table. Will be back later to edited it in.


ms*robyn said...

oh my Peggy - I shuddered when I first started to read this post - not ms*diva - dead. oh please no - til I read on and found she was being the true diva that she is and taking a nap when she just felt the urge. Seems to me she is truly a diva in every way including the temperament. gotta love her!
Where is Norm? Is he here in Australia yet - I had a look at the timetable and he should have arrived by now.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What a day you have had!!! You will be ready to turn in early tonight!! I will be heading back home tomorrow I hope..I have been gone from home for 3 weeks now. I have been in Illinois helping my parents move permanently to Arizona. I am missing home and hubby...take care.

Rachel said...

Wow, what a day!! Nice coffee table with the cards.

I don't think I ever had goat butter before.

Rosa said...

Not a good day at all. And now Miss Diva isn't well. Hope things will be better in the morning. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

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