Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Monday

Wow, where did the weekend go? Raigun and I worked in the yard Saturday and it was soooo hot that as soon as we finished we put on our swimsuits and jumped in the neighbors pool. We had it all to ourselves for an hour so we had races, played tag and jumped off the diving board. Vicki and Chuck (owners of the pool) joined us and we had a nice time chatting and swimming before having to come home to milk and feed the animals. Yesterday we had to run to Lowe's to exchange something for William and I broke down and purchased a air conditioner for the kitchen. It has been so hot I haven't wanted to cook. I am going to put it in today (just a window unit) and with it and the one in Raigun's room the house should stay cooler. I have Raigun's set on 78 so she can sleep at night and will set the kitchen one on 78 too. We had rain all day yesterday but I went out in the rain and weeded my biggest flower bed while Raigun played in the camper trailer. Almost have the whole thing weeded but it started to storm so we came in and cleaned up. I went out in my pj's later to feed and milk. I am going to finish cleaning up the mess from the roofer today. Glad the roof is finished and with all the storms we have had lately it was a good job as we have not had a single leak. Got to haul off our trash today too and Fran wants to ride along. Looks like we are in for another rainy day but don't mind since it cools things down. Something woke me out of a sound sleep at 3:30 this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep so I read my devotion and read some in a book from a friend. I finally turned out the light and started saying prayers for my family and friends. A friend from a forum I am a member of died the 23rd. He was a kind, caring homesteader. He and his wife hadn't been married very long so I know this is a very hard time for her. My thoughts and prayers are with her alot right now. Always let your friends and family know how special they are to you as you never know what your last words to them will be. JD and I discussed a book and things we had found useful out of it. I wish I had let him know how much all of us on the forum got from his posts. He gave the rest of us the courage to take a bigger step in homesteading. He and his wife were true homesteaders in every way. Will miss seeing JD's avatar and posts on the forum. Hope everyone has a good start on a new week! Don't forget to count your blessings.


Patricia said...

you deserve the air conditioner! i know what you mean about not wanting to do much cooking when it's so hot in the house. i don't reach that point easily but when i do, i just feel awful. it zaps my energy and leaves me feeling like a slug. enjoy your relative coolness!

deni said...

I'd like to know where the weekend went too!

Sorry to hear about your friend, I will keep his wife in my prayers.

Jeanne said...

Happy Monday my sweet friend.
I send you summer sweet kisses and the very best of June wishes.
Love Jeanne

Donna said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Will say a prayer for his wife. We never know how many lives just one person touches.

Flossy said...

Hi Peggy! I haven't been around for a while, and boy, you've had a lot going on!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I will say a prayer for his family.

Hope you are well, will catch up real soon xxx

Sharon K said...

Sorry to here of the death of your friend, and so true about not waiting to tell some one you care. Best of wishes to the family.

Rosa said...

Your friend will now be looking down on you and helping you with your homestead. They are always with us, aren't they.

momxtwo said...

Prayers are going out right now for your friend's family.

Sounds like you have had another busy day.

Counting my Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I am so sorry to hear about your friend passing. Norman and the children baked chocolate chip cookies this morning but half of the chocolate chips were missing..... Hmmmmm! I can't seem to find the cat either.... oh well lol. I hope your home is alot cooler now with the extra aircon installed. Much love, Nicole xox.

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Peggy,
So very sorry for your loss. Your friend and his wife will be in my prayers.

You take care,

Puss-in-Boots said...

Thank you for coming to visit me. I am sorry about your friend and I will say a prayer for his wife. Yes, I'm a believer of counting blessings and I do so each night

Enjoy your aircon, you deserve it after all the hard work in your garden!

Will pop back again.

Tee said...

I'm so sorry about your friend.

Thank you for the reminder to count blessings.

Oak Spring farm said...

I have often said the same thing about telling someone you love or care for how much they mean to you.

I have been so busy lately but nothing seems to get done, done you know what I mean??
I sometimes get so tired there is so much that needs doing and the more I work the more work there is to do. Does one ever get caught up??
I hope you enjoy your airconditioner :)