Tuesday, July 18, 2006

William left out tonight heading for Charlotte where he will pick up his tanker and head for IL. He was home for 5 days this time and we got alot of things done around here but we also had the hottest temperatures in years! We sweated it out and did our outdoor work anyway. By bedtime I was ready for a cold shower and sleep with the air conditioner going in the bedroom. Hopefully this heat wave will break soon and we can all move without sweating. We got our mowing, weeding, semi truck washed, moved the ducks to their own lot, built laying boxes for the hens, kick plate put on door and lots of other things. There are still tons of things on our to do list but we at least made a dent in it. I am getting 6 to 7 eggs a day now and some of them are double yolk and even triple yolks! I will be going Thursday to pick up Miss Diva's boy toy. Matthew will be old enough to leave his mom and hopefully will like Miss Diva. William tried to put some spray on Miss Diva to keep the flies from biting her. I had to laugh as he held onto her collar while spraying she was dragging him around and round in circles till he was so dizzy he couldn't stand up. She seemed to laugh at him and I know I did! I shipped out over 30 bars of soap today so tomorrow will be spent making soaps to get my supply built back up. Fixed stuffed tomatoes for supper tonight. Stuffed them with homemade tuna salad and made home fries. Was a nice light meal for the heat. Last night I made salad with veggies from the garden and chopped up grilled chicken breasts to put in them. Will miss having William home to cook for as he really loves to eat. Have lots of housework and bookwork to catch up on as well as everyone's blogs. Hope all of you had a nice weekend. Please keep my daughter Megan and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they are going through some very stressful and sad things right now. Thank each of you for the comments on my dad's birthday. I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful dad. Hug your dad, cherish your family, enjoy your home and count your blessings!


Donna said...

Sounds like a lot got done in the few days with your husband home. I will pray for Megan and her family...I'm sorry to hear they are having a rough time.

Connie and Rob said...

Glad you got to enjoy time with the hubby. You sure get a lot accomplished together and yet you seem to have fun too!

My prayers are with your daughter Megan and family.

Take care,

ms*robyn said...

Peggy - I must, must order some soap! I just keep forgetting. You will run out before I get around to it as once Ms*diva sees her toy boy, she will forget all about giving milk ;) - will add Megan to the prayer blog. blessings and bliss xoxo
ps stay cool -

Anonymous said...

Sending you my love Peggy. Nicole xox.

Kali said...

Safe travels for William and I am glad you had a busy and good 5 days together.
Your chooks are doing so well...how wonderful and good luck with Miss Diva's toy boy.

I have you and your family in my prayers...hugs, xox

Patricia said...

triple yolks. yum!
and i'm on a tuna kick lately that can't be beat.
all my best to megan.

Mrs.Garcia said...

I will be prayihg for Megan and her Family.
My Family and I loved the Soap Samples you sent to us so much.
Thank you again for sending us the goat soap samples.

Finn said...

Hi Peggy, just popping in to say "hi" and see how things are going on the old homestead. Sounds like a really busy,busy summer. I can remember well how much always needs doing on a small holdings.
But, it IS the good life,no matter what...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Jeanne said...

Love to you darling one!

Trixi said...

It sounds like you got a lot done. We have a huge list around here as well.