Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Canning Again

I cooked a HUGE pot of homestead stew last night so I could can it today. And I did. I have 8 quarts that won't even put a dent in my Christmas gift list. Brannon, (SIL) asked only for cans of the stew last year for Christmas and didn't even share with Maggie or the girls. This year I am canning enough (I hope) so I can give each of the girls and their hubby's, my stepson and his wife several jars. It is so delicious that even William likes taking pint jars with him on the road. But I am tired of canning and will put the canner away for a few days and get back outside and do the never ending yard work. We are going to build a storage building/soapmaking building and I am trying to rake, pickup leaves and limbs plus dig up all the little saplings that are where the building will go. Seems like there is always something that I am behind in but I wouldn't trade this life for any other! What a blessing to wake up each day to the sound of John Henry and Chicken Little crowing. To Whiskers and Dimples sitting at the back door crying cause they are starving. (yeah right!) To go out the back door and hear Lady, Tramp and Sheba start barking for their doggie treats. To see Bud stretch and yawn waiting for his lettuce and feed and a good back rub. All the time Miss Diva is crying in the background because everyone should know she is THE diva and should be first in anything going on. I get her alfalfa and put it in her tub so she will eat while I feed the chickens that are under my feet every step because they too think they are starving. After I feed them and Donald, Daffy and Sally (the ducks) and Charles and Diana (pea fowl) I put Miss Diva's leash on her (yes she wears a purple collar cause she is THE diva) and let her walk me to the milking station where she is impatient for me to set her pan of goat feed in front of her. She may be a diva but she eats like a horse! I try to finish milking before she finishes eating or I will have to move around with her to get the last few squirts of milk. I have Whiskers, Dimples and Tiger waiting for me to finish milking so they can have their pan of milk. Then Miss Diva and I take a nice slow walk back to the pen so she can graze while we walk and I can try my best to keep her away from the shrubs and plants and more toward the weeds and grass. When she is back in her pen I empty the water buckets and pans and fill them back up while the cats have finished their milk and are outside the fence crying for their food. They race me over to the storage bin where their food is and then race me to their feed dishes. Everyone has finally been fed and taken care of so I can pick up the milk pail and go inside to start my day and then turn around and do this all over again in the evening. So now you can see why I feel blessed. No 9 to 5 job. No boss breathing over my shoulder (well except Miss Diva and I can bribe her). No traffic to fight to or from work....... Life at Hidden Haven is truly a blessing from God. Don't forget to give thanks for your blessings then stop by for a bowl of stew and a hot blueberry muffin with goat butter. I promise not to make you work for your meal. ( will edit later to post photos that blogger doesn't want to right now) Homestead Stew
1 lb. mix 15 dry beans
4 chicken bouillon cubes
water to cover...add as you cook to desired thickness
4 stalks celery, chopped
1 big onion, chopped
1 bunch of green onions chopped
1 head garlic, peeled
1 TBS. oregano
1 polish sausage sliced to desired thickness
salt and pepper to taste
1 lb. mixed frozen vegetables
Put all but frozen vegies in crockpot. Cook until beans are getting tender. Add frozen vegies and desired water, cook another hour or two. I cooked this in a huge pot on my stove and double the recipe so I would have enough to can 8 quarts. This is another dish that tastes even better the next day.


Donna said...

Mrs. Peggy: Thank you for always encouraging us to count our blessings. Your stew recipe sounds delicious...can you share or is it a secret?

Tammy said...

another yummy sounding recipe!! sure do stay busy doncha??

HomemakerAng said...

yes, because of all this canning my garden is OUT OF CONTROL with weeds!! HELP!!!!

do you pressure cook your stew or can it?

Rosa said...

Oh yummy. This sounds good. I love stews!! xoxo

Cookie said...

God Bless you Peggy Dear for all your inspiration !!! I count my blessings and you are one of them. Hugsss

Donna said...

Thanks for posting the recipe. Maybe you already had it posted and I just didn't see it on my screen. It sounds really yummy...thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Lady Laurie said...

I hope this finds you well! I want to come live with you, and eat all your yummy food, wash my clothes with lavender laundry detergent and play with your goats!

lakechick said...

Canning is somewhat of a lost art I think and there are fewer and fewer people who can be bothered to take the time. Personally, I love to fill the shelves of my pantry with bottles and bottles of canned fruit, jams, spaghetti sauce, salsa, etc. etc. It's so rewarding, and so much healthier for us than the store-bought variety as we can grow our own organic produce and we know exactly what's going into the jar! At Christmas I pack up baskets filled with home-made canned goods, candy and baking and my friends and family all seem to love it! I really have to thank my mother for passing this skill along to me, and I hope that it is something my daughters will enjoy in their time.

Anonymous said...

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