Friday, August 04, 2006

I Have Been Tagged

I got tagged by Lady Laurie
Five things in my freezer: Lots of ice! a pint of mint ice cream, squash and okra from the garden and some parsley I dried
Five things in my closet: christmas presents, box of books, too many shoes, toolbox, handball rackets (that I have never seen William use even once)
Five things in my car: jacket, road atlas, sun glasses, umbrella, box of kleenex
Five things in my purse:gum, pen, change (in the bottom) lots or receipts, wallet
Five things in my wallet: photos, debit card, $45, ID, business cards
Okay the five people I choose to do this are:
Heather Smith (both)
Bossy Bee


momxtwo said...

I did it!


novaks8 said...

Okay Peggy, I did it.

You've started a war now. Lisa up there, tagged a couple of people before I could get to them!

The nerve!

(Just teasing Lisa! You know you are my main homie)

Lee-ann said...

Peggy hello from way down here in australia. It has been such a long time since I visited "Hidden Haven Homestead" and I will admit I have missed it very much............Now I am back on track (computer freezed over here for awhile) I will visit again real soon.

best wishes to all on the homestead.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I have missed reading up on my favourite homestead. Mum and I got our parcels yesterday and we thankyou so very very very much... you are such a glorious friend. Please thank Miss Diva for her beautiful soaps and the teas are gorgeous. Thank you so very much Peggy. xox

Connie and Rob said...

Hope you are doing well.

Sounds like you are pretty purse would be too scary to look through right now.

Take care,

Sharon K said...

Sounds like you know where every thing is and it is at hand.......have a wonderful weekend my friend.....

Rosa said...

Hehe, I've never done one of these!! I just copy it right and fill it in myself? Duh!!! Fun. But, NO FAIR!! You see what's in my drawers, right? ha. But I will be honest, promise. Now I have to go look!!

Rosa said...