Thursday, August 17, 2006

I have found a wonderful farm blog that I have been enjoying reading lately. Lisa is a young wife and mom with a very very busy life. You will enjoy her posts about the animals and chores but that is not why I am asking you to visit her today. Her husband got some very sad news from his doctor so things are kinda crazy around Crazy Cow Farm right now. Please stop by and offer prayers and good thoughts for this wonderful farm family.


miss*R said...

Peggy, I read that post and it just broke my heart. Is there anything we can do as a blogging community? a fundraiser perhaps? make a quilt & auction it? we do this kind of thing here in my town as a fundraiser, often. to raise money for people with life threatenting illnesses when they don't have the funds. I am sure it is done in your area as well, so you know what I mean.
let us all put our thinking caps on and find some way we can help this family.
so, so sad. in the meantime I will keep them all in my prayers, heart & thoughts xo

dolly said...

me too

I would like to help


Lisa said...

OMGoodness, I am humbled beyond words to see this post of yours! I enjoy reading your blog so very much and love, love, love all the pictures you post!

Anonymous said...

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