Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nice Day

After terrible lighting storms off and on all night today has been very nice. I milked Miss Diva early and she didn't even stomp her foot at me. Fed all the animals and then headed on a 2 hr drive to Lexington (NC). Picked up my antique wash stand that I am going to use for a sink in my bathroom with a vessel bowl. I picked up an old wooden cabinet with a thick butcher block top that I am going to be putting into my kitchen. Brought them back so Wayne my wonderful handyman can get them sanded and stuff so they will be ready to go in the house. After he finishes painting the outside he will be helping me rip out my kitchen and bath and redo them both. Sharon and I had lunch and did a little thrift storing before I headed back home. You would have thought I had been gone a week for all the animals were about to faint from hunger! I went from the truck straight to feeding these poor neglected creatures before I even went in the house. They all have full bellies and are relaxing while I get things done inside. I found out after dealing with all the traffic that I like my homestead. I like not having to leave it every day for a job. I like that I have sweet animals and nice gardens and good neighbors. If I never had to leave the homestead again I would be happy. God really gave me a special blessing when he brought me here. Hope your blessings are special too!


Rachel said...

The homestead sounds wonderful and I know it is! You are blessed indeed!

Keep on the sunny side......(love it)!

Lee-ann said...

peggy hello again.

Now you are talking about pieces of antiques that make my heart sing do we get a couple of photos, a little look see!........wouldn't you just like to share :o)

I have been missing in action for a few days so am glad to see your sad times are passing and that miss Diva and all the animal kingdom at your homestead are happy and well.

see you again soon.

new greenshoes said...

oh Peggy I love reading about your life, i would love one day to sit on your porch and watch you going about your day! dollx

Lady Laurie said...

Peggy you sound very happy on your homestead, your garden, your animals (Ms. Diva~the sneaky escape artist) and the slower pace of life. But you do a lot of work to keep it so wonderful! Blessings to you dear friend!

Lisa said...

So what'd you get at the thrift store! You have to share your great bargain finds. :)

I saw your comment on my blog asking for my email - I sent you one but not sure if it went through. I'll give it to you again here:

I would love to visit with you!

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs dear friend

Rosa said...

I feel I am blessed also by being able to stay home in a place I love so much. Girl, you better start eating. You don't want Miss Diva to see you faint! She may have a heart attack!! I hope you're doing before and after pictures of both the kitchen and the stands!!