Monday, August 07, 2006


Norm has been having fun in Scotland with Wendy. He has been to the Rosslyn Chapell and the Drumlanng Castle. Wendy says I shouldn't be surprised when he comes home with a Scottish accent as he has made himself right at home there. Wendy has closed her blog right now as she is busy with school and her son is having some medical problems. Hopefully he will be just fine real soon. Wendy gives her love to everyone and will try to get online to visit blogs when things slow down for her. Norm will be heading back to the states soon. So MS. Judy start watching your mail in about a week or so as Norm is coming to visit you.

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miss*R said...

so glad that he arrived safely! I was worried if he would be in a good mood though - as I asked my husband to send him and he forgot for about 5 days and Norm was stuck in that box in Joe's ute for that long. sorry for that!