Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Working in the Heat

William and I finally got our sign up at the end of the driveway. I am very pleased with it but it sure caused lots of problems making it. We decided if we were going to get anything done we would have to ignore the heat and keep working. I am a grouch when I am hot but William put up with me and we finished most of our projects we had planned for this week. William decided if he wanted any rest it was time for him to get back in his big truck and hit the road. He is leaving for Oregon and says he should have plenty of time to rest up for his next time home! I brought Sharon's hen down to mate with my rooster and they seem very happy together. We haven't gotten any eggs from her yet but she loves being petted and picked up. Topper is just happy to have a mate with him as he was lonely. Have to keep them both away from other chickens as they try to peck their head feathers off. We had about 10 drops of rain this afternoon but a nice breeze for few minutes helped cool us. I feel for the road workers and construction workers as they have to be burning up in this heat. I hope our winter is as cold as our summer is hot. Can you guess I love cold weather? Everyone have a great evening and instead of counting everything that has gone wrong today, count all the blessings God has given us.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This heat is awful!! I bet you are concerned about your animals. I only have two cats to think about and only one goes outside. I try to get her to come inside and finally succeeded a bit ago. She comes in and just falls down on the tile floor. I would think she would be so exhausted from the heat!! Guess God made her to withstand the heat!! WHEW!! Makes me hot just looking at her with all of that fur!!
Your sign is great!! I hope it works for you and you can sell, sell and sell some more. I enjoy coming to your site and always do every day. My WW is up. I know you don't do that but well who cares. Blogging is for doing whatever you want too..right?
God Bless and keep cool..Sandy

momxtwo said...

It has been so hot here too! This heat really makes me feel bad. I will get a headache just being outside in it. I try to stay in as much as I can.

I like your sign! Looks good.


Rosa said...

Love the sign. Wish I were there to partake. I am so loving my soaps!!!

Donna said...

I'm a big cold weather fan too! Like your did a great job on them.

Kendra Lynn said...

Nice sign! I would probably stop if I saw it. :)


miss*R said...

hee, hee Peggy - I am a grouch in the heat too. I blame anyone who listens and if no one is there, I shake my fist at God. I am not a nice person at all in extreme heat.
gee, I hope it cools down soon for you. love the sign - will surely look for it if I ever get a chance to come visit xox