Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ending Bid Winners For September 3rd

Amy from BerriesPlace's vintage Mexico serape blanket was won by tlawife with high bid of $20.00

Lee-Ann's lovely breakfast cup and saucer set was won by Lady Laura with high bid of $25.00

Pea's TY Beanie Baby was won by Rosemary with high bid of $10.00

Amy from Berrie'sPlace's southern belle appliqued pillow cases was won by Lee-ann with high bid of $35.00

Natalie from Plain and Simple's 1950's apron was won by Me with high bid of $15.00

Patti 's book: The Wood Finisher was won by kritter with high bid of $5.00

Lori 's handmade spa was won by Berriehead with high bid of $20.00

Sharon's Lil' Purple Bear Pin was won by Mary with high bid of $2.00

Rosemary 's Cigar Box Collage was won by Plain and Simple with high bid of $15.00

thank you everyone! Winners make your payment thru paypal at or if you are bidding on other items not ending yet you can wait till they end to pay all at once. Thank you donators and as soon as I receive payment will email you the winners mailing address. We still have items that are being bid on so keep on bidding!

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hot said...

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They have a cool way a unique way of how to bid on stuff. I like man. If, anybody else has tried these guy's can someone let me know ?

Thanks guy's