Saturday, September 02, 2006

Total Raised So Far

The first day's items brought a grand total of $182.00
Second day's items brought a grand total of $117.00
Add a $45.00 donation received we have raised a total of: $344.00 so far and still have several days to go! I believe when you give and help others it will come back to you three fold..... Don't you want lots of blessings coming back your way? Lets help Lisa and enjoy the blessings that come from giving.


altermyworld said...

Hi Peggy so does that mean we have raised over 700.00 so far?
As the post on Aug 30 says over 400.00?
WOW that is incredible.

I am excited and hope i win my auctions.


Peggy said...

Ang the total on the 30th was total of all winning bids at that time. Tonights totals are what actually has been raised from closed bids and a donation. If I add tonights totals to the total of winning bids that haven't closed we have raised 777.25 so far. There are other donations on their way to me by mail so when they arrive I will add them in too. Hopefully the total amount on the winning bids that haven't closed will go up as more people bid!

altermyworld said...

Thanks for clarifying that. And thank you for all your organization.
This totally rocks.