Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Fall Ya'll

Today is the first day of fall! It actually feels like summer as we are having one last heatwave after having several days of cool fall weather. Going to pick up the

windows for the building. As soon as Wayne finishes up there and the last bit of painting on the house we start the bathroom! I am so excited ! It shouldn't take at the longest a week to complete and then I will post pics. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Lets remember to count our blessings no matter how small. For each of us are blessed to be enjoying this day the Lord has given us. Happy Fall!

P.S. Norm is on his way to Judy's. He got a late start from Scotland as he wanted to make sure Wendy's son was okay before leaving. Judy you are going to have your hands fun wth the little scamp.


Anonymous said...

Homes are a great hobby...fixing things up here and there are so satisfying. Can't wait to see your photos and I love your new blog song!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

ah Fall, I hope it arrives here in the west soon!!!

tlawwife said...

We have been having fall weather for about a week. I love it. Today however we have the damp wind which is just plain cold (although in a few months this will feel great.)

momxtwo said...

I had forgotten to count my blessings earlier this week when I was feeling overwhelmed. It would have made me feel a lot better if I had.

Thanks for reminding me to do that. I need reminders somedays.

Blessings on the first day of Fall!