Monday, September 18, 2006

Momma Hen Photos

Betty is sitting patiently waiting on her babies to hatch. She doesn't mind the wait or sharing her nest with other hens as long as they lay their egg and get up so she can get back to keeping her eggs warm.
She lets me look under her without a peck or squawk. I marked the duck eggs so I could easily see them when checking for hen eggs. Wilma is pecking and warning me to stay away from her eggs! She is not moving off her nest for anyone or anything.


Shell said...

Awww, they're so sweet sitting on their eggs. Wilma is a protective mum yeah? Isn't it funny how chickens have such different personalities. I loved having my chickens - people really underestimate them as pets don't you think?

Rosa said...

I love that Wilma!

Lady Laurie said...

Betty looks so sweet! You must have such fun with all your animals!

Jeanne said...

Betty is fabulous.
Hugs to you all and all your fur angels too.
Love Jeanne ^j^

judie said...

Wilma is a sweet mommy. When do you expect the hatchlings? Can't wait to see them. I can't have farm animals where I live (or I would) but every year I get to visit the State Fair and I never miss the rabbit and chicken exhibit. There are some really beautiful rabbits and chickens. And the Mooternity Ward. Where blessed babies come into the world and children as well as adults can learn about these momma cows, who don't seem to mind being watched. I love cows! When I was a kid I lived in the country and I used to play in the cow pasture. Well....we won't go there. ;)

Anonymous said...

They're such pretty mommas to be...they have that glow!

Donna B
(a/k/a ladyofblessings)