Monday, September 18, 2006

Mommy Betty

Betty is so sweet I just know she is going to be a good mommy. I pick her up so I can get the hen eggs out. Some of the other hens like to push her out of the nest to lay their eggs. Betty stands there waiting and then goes back to sit on the nest. I pet her, pick her up, put more straw in the nest and she just patiently waits. The future little ducklings are going to be lucky to have her for a mommy.

The markings on the eggs are so I know the duck eggs from the other eggs and don't pick them up by mistake. Sally is still being wild and crazy so I have 10 duck eggs under Betty and 10 duck eggs under Wilma. I know they all won't hatch but hopefully each of them will have little ducklings running around in a few weeks.

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novaks8 said...

That is so sweet!

I was telling the kids today all the animals I would want if we had a farm.

Maybe one day.