Friday, September 29, 2006

This and That

Its Friday! Why is that day any different than any other day here at the homestead? Its not. I just wanted to join the millions of other people that are saying it. I sometimes have to ask what day of the week or month it is as those things don't seem to matter here. Miss Diva could care less if its Monday or Friday as long as she has feed in her bucket and hay in her hay bin. The chickens ignore me when I tell them its Sunday and they can have the day off. Every day is a good day no matter what goes wrong as I am alive to enjoy it, I am not having to fight traffic to drive to work, I get to spend it with animals with their own personalities and I get to visit my blog neighbors. Believe me there are days from hell around here (yesterday was one of those days) and I could just sit down and post about every little thing that went wrong, every little thing that someone did to make me mad or hurt my feelings, every little thing that seemed so overwhelming but why? If I step back and look at the overall picture things aren't that bad. Thru-out what I thought of as a bad day yesterday I was showered with blessings. When things start getting to me I am going to stop and think of 5 blessings for every one thing that is bothering me. Life is too short to worry about what/who isn't the way I think it/they should be.

I got to actually talk to one of my blog neighbors on the phone yesterday!! Mary from fireflies and frogs helped me with my blog template. In the process of helping me she made the mistake of emailing me her phone number! LOL Yesterday I decided to give her a call and put a voice with her posts and photos. She sounds so sweet! She has that wonderful North Carolina accent of our home state. We both were born and raised here in NC and though she is a young very busy mom we do have lots of things in common. Her 2 yr old daughter Kenzie wants to come see my shickens and quack quacks! So, Mary it was wonderful talking to you! Give Kenzie a hug from me and tell her the quack quacks send her hugs and pecks. I enjoyed talking with you and we'll do it again.

Sharon and Ray are coming to visit tomorrow. Ray and his son Wayne are going to visit friends (Ray grew up here) and Sharon and I are going to hit the flea markets and thriftstores! Like I really need anything else. I never thought I would downsize and get rid of things. Since we started remodeling the house I am decluttering like crazy! I plan on having a HUGE yardsale with my neighbor Jane next weekend. Hopefully someone else will love all my vintage collectibles I thought I couldn't live without. Hopefully I will have photos of their visit to post tomorrow evening.

Sunday I have to strip my bathroom. The makeover starts Monday so I have to get all the things off the walls, out of the cabinets, pull up the carpet, take down the curtains, etc. I am so excited! I also found a very talented lady on etsy to make my light switch and plug in covers. She used a photo of my wallpaper border and designed and made these just for me. If you are ever searching for unique or special made covers go to etsy and look for ArtByTR. Here are the ones she made for the bathroom.

Fran, my elderly neighbor will be back Sunday.She has been visiting her son and family in Florida for a couple weeks. I am getting ready to run to the store and pick up some groceries to stock her fridge for her. She emptied out everything before she left so don't want her coming home to empty cupboards or fridge. Her daughter Vicki needs me to help her move her houseplants into the house off her porch. She had a stroke several years ago and doesn't have use of one of her hands. So guess I had better get myself moving. Everyone have a great Friday and no matter what kind of day you have.......COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!


novaks8 said...

Hey, it was great talking to you too!

Thanks for calling and I hope it made your day a little better.

Call anytime!


Kenzie says hi back.

She loved the pictures of Miss Diva.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

As always I love coming to your blog to see what you and your animals are doing today!! You sound like such a nice, sweet laid back person!! I needed a good post like this right now. I have been sick and well this just sounded good to remember to count my blessings. Just what I needed to hear..Take care and have a good time with your company...Sandy

Lady_MSnow said...

I too have to be reminded on what day it is a lot. But since Hubby has a 7-5 usually isn't too bad. I love the switch covers. Very different! ;)

miss*R said...

do you want my phone number ? rofl!!! it is so good when you get to chat to online friends.
you are such a wonderful neighbour to Frab - she is very lucky :) YOU are an angel xoxo