Friday, September 01, 2006

Winners of The Item's Ending September 1st

Edited to add if you are bidding on other items you can wait and pay for your items all at one time.

Here is the list of our first winners! Its so exciting you would think I had won all these great things. So winners please pay for your item thru my paypal email ( and when I receive the notification of payment I will email your mailing address to the person that donated your item. It will then be packaged and shipped to you. Thank you again for bidding on these items! DON'T FORGET THERE IS STILL TIME TO BID ON THE REST OF THE ITEMS. Scroll on down and look them over and bid, bid, bid! We still have time to raise lots more money for Lisa and family!
The 3 items donated by Tara over at parisparfait1. William Morris "Willow" pattern fabric from Liberty of London. 2. 19th-century French hand-tatted lace and embroidery on linen oblong pillow cover, from Paris plus the bonus of cotton hand-embroidered initialed napkins were won by Lisa from oceandreamer! Lisa you have the winning bid of $50.00!

Gretel two little original watercolours. 'The Moon is Broken' and 'Turkey Lurkey were won by Connie with the winning bid of $35.00 .

Tara "s 19th-century French religious symbol has a winning bid from Rosa! Rosa you winning bid is: $90.00

Lisa 's darling little baby shoes were won by Mary with the winning bid of $7.00

Congratulations ladies!!! You have won some very beautiful items and I know you will enjoy them!
We raised $182.00 from the above bids and still have the ending of 4 other days of items to go! Still plenty of time to bid and make the amount we give to Lisa and Ed grow!

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Rosa said...

Peg: just sent $ through paypal. I am so excited to get this from Tara. How special is that? Special piece from a special person. And from Paris, oohlala! xoxo