Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things:

My favorite blog for today; I want to go to this BandB one day but right now I love trying their recipes and seeing what they are doing each day.

My favorite etsy shop for today: she makes the most lovely things from chenille spreads.

My favorite ebay shop for the day: Nan always has something new everyday and I love her vintage items!

My favorite place to shop for handmade items today besides etsy:

My favorite online catalog today (I have way too many but this is top one today):

My favorite crafty, talented, busy person for today: from baking beautiful designed cakes, painting, cooking, crafting, whatever she is doing comes out perfect and she makes it seem so easy (till you try it yourself)

Its been a very rainy day here but its been a nice one. The house is covered in sawdust and the floors are filthy from the remodeling but I have been painting my mothers mirror that will be going in the bathroom. I have been catching up with everyone by phone. ( Catch you next time Mary) Catching up on my reading and my netflix movies that have been gathering dust. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny and warm so I will be back outside catching up on chores and cleaning up the animal pens. But today has been a fantastic friday for me... hope yours was too!


~Nancy~ said...

Oh Peggy! Thank you! I feel like I won an award or something! You are SO sweet and it means the world to me to be on your favorites list!
We have had rain, rain, rain here in KY too. I have spent the day packaging and shipping ebay items...nothing like making a Post Office run with two huge totes full of packages to ship! I got rain coats were draped over my packages!! But, you are has been a good inside day and I got a lot done after a very short break with the Feller. I am hoping for a break in the rain tomorrow but it does lend a nice cozy feel to the house.
Good luck on the bathroom! Cannot wait to see the finished product!!

PEA said...

I will certainly be checking out all the links...I have visited Nancourt's ebay site already and she does indeed have some fantastic items!!! You'll be happy once all the remodelling is done! We had a sunny day today but now they're saying we're in for a severe snowstorm overnight so goodness knows what we'll wake up to in the morning!! Hugs xox

novaks8 said...

You know what? I almost called you today! I had a few minutes in the car waiting for my grandmother.

It is POURING here.


Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, I will have to check some of these links out. It is a great list! So, happy your week went well. Mine was excellent!

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting your favorites! I look forward to taking a peek at their sites based on your recomendation!

Moobear said...

Each day is getting better. I enjoyed my Friday. God is good.

God bless