Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Am So Blessed!

I have been blessed throughout my life with good friends. These friends I had met at school, in the neighborhood, work, etc. I had actually met them in person. When I started blogging I never thought I would be blessed with friends though I haven't met them in person are more like family members than friends. My blog family is always there when I am sick, sad, tired, excited, etc. I can always count on them to understand whatever I am going through at the moment and offer just the right words. I have enjoyed some wonderful swaps with different blog family members and have been touched by how they sent just the right things in my swap package. It meant they had taken the time to read my posts and get to know my likes and dislikes. I treasure every one of the items and try to think of different and special ways to display them. I have also received surprise packages from some of my blog family and each one brought me to tears. To know someone would just do something so special for no reason really touches me. I think of Nicole everytime I wear my apron making soaps. Gail's beautiful handpainted birds on tiles make me smile every morning. I am so excited for the bathroom to be finished so I can hang Lisa's wallhanging. Then today I find a package in my mailbox from Ms. Robyn! I cried and when I read the note to William and told him about what was in the package he got teary eyed too! Robyn read my post about grandma's apron and sent me a lovely apron and in the pocket of that apron was a package of juicy fruit gum! Just like my great grandma use to have in hers and sneak me a piece when I visited. It brought a flood of memories back and touched me so much! What wonderful, caring and loving blog family members God has brought into my life. Ms. Robyn a million dollars couldn't mean more to me than the lovely apron and package of gum! When my kitchen is remodeled this apron will have a special place where I can see it everyday and think of you and remember my "granny Collins". Thank you doesn't even begin to express how appreciative I am of this special gift. But thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


miss*R said...

Peggy~ you are a special friend to me - sticking by me through thick & thin. loving me even if you don't agree with me :) - and for that I am blessed. x0x enjoy the chewing gum - shh don't tell ;)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Oh how sweet!! You are always the recipient of so many many sweet things and I can see how and why!! Your post is a lot like my Thursday Thirteen!! Have a great night!!

homemakerang said...

we all love you! I don't comment as much as I'd like to but I am also here for you
AND, I still am enjoying my great swap package from you!

Jeanne said...

God bless you my lovely friend.
Love and hugs and smiles across the miles.
Love Jeanne

Marci said...

How fun. I am thrilled for you that people express themselves through gifts sent to you. It is always fun to get a surprise.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

oh what a wonderful thing for Robyn to do and so loving and thoughtful! I agree so much about the blogging family - I have no words to express what it's done for me as well. You are very special my dear Peggy and the way you embrace the gifts of love and friendship makes the giving of them that much more special.