Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Yesterday morning I was feeding the cats when I realized there was an extra one. Every night I have lots of extras as I have a automatic feeder on the back porch and the opossums, neighborhood cats, etc come up to eat. This little fellow would not stop crying. He gets right under your feet and makes it almost impossible to walk. I fed him with the others and the funny thing is if Whiskers and Dimples were not fixed I would swear the kitten belonged to them. He looks like one of their offspring would if they had any. Anyway I left him alone after feeding him but he followed me everywhere. He even ran into the house everytime the handyman left the door open. He was still here this morning and is now asleep on the back of the sofa. I think someone sat him and another kitten out as my neighbor has a stripped one at her house. That happens a lot around here. But anyway for now I have named the little fellow Groucho and he seems to like it. Next time I go to tractor supply I am going to get the vaccines to give him. Bet he won't like me to well when I stick him with a needle. But he loved having his picture taken and of course Miss Diva does not want anyone or anything getting more camera time than her. After all she is THE diva around here. I let her and the chickens run around the yard all afternoon. She was fine till I went in the house. She had to come up and cry outside the door till I went back outside. She was fine for awhile till she saw I had the camera and had to come back to check it out. I raked and burnt leaves for 2 days and can't tell it. I have also raked and carried the piles to our compost pile. The compost is bigger but you still can't tell I raked! Can't believe its already November. The holidays are fast approaching! We are so blessed here on the homestead but that's for tomorrow's Thankful Thursday post.
Have a great evening and count those blessings!


Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed that you know how to give vaccines...did you learn by doing?

PEA said...

Animals love finding you because you take such good care of them:-) What a cute cat he is and I like the name Groucho too!! I raked also the other day and now you'd never think I did...don't know where the leaves are coming from since our trees are all bare!!

Rosa said...

How lucky Groucho is. He is so cute! My little Bev is black and white. And that Miss Diva waiting for you on the porch. She cracks me up! xoxo

Lee-ann said...

As always when I drop in for a visit I find your homestead full of busy happy animals and their friends.
You are truly blessed with lifes joys filling your days.

I enjoy reading about the little kitten and Miss Diva's halloween.

See you again and thank you for the lovely posts to read.

Anonymous said...

If I were homeless.... you would be the first person I'd come too. I'd be loved and feed and cared for so much that I'd never leave. Another very lucky animal in your loving home Peggy. Bless you!

I have been using the baby powder soap on the "chickens" and their skin feels so silky soft. You are a beautiful soap maker Peggy. Much love, Nicole xox.

Anonymous said...

So you take in stray cats! Hmmm! I have a dozen I wish I could drop off at your place. Three of the cutest kittens have taken up residence on the top step of my stairs to the second floor. Even the dog likes them.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

little Groucho knows a warm and loving home when he sees it - he's ever so cute. and Miss Diva, well she is just the startlet she was meant to be!
I think anyone who happened on your Homestead would want to stay!

Anonymous said...

That Miss Diva is the cutest goat I've ever seen!!

Aren't you ever tempted to make her an indoor pet? I bet she'd love it!