Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Just Couldn't Wait

I love snowmen! Since Mary was nice enough to fix my blog with snowmen for me (thanks again Mary) I have been wanting to get out my snowmen decorations. I decided to just get out a few of the snowmen just so it would look like winter around here. So here are photos of a few (believe me I have lots more) of my snow people. I just can't wait to get them all out!
The snowmen around the little tree are on a coffee table that I decoupaged with postcards from last years postcard swap. The coffee table is a wooden packing crate that I stained. I have the postcards on the top and all four sides. Whenever I sit on the sofa I see the postcards and think of my wonderful blog swap partners. I have 8 snowmen around the tree and enjoying looking at them and wishing for snow when I sit on the sofa!


Anonymous said...

love the santas!

Anonymous said...

The new blog look is very cute and I don't blame you...snowmen are fun!

Pamela said...

Oh, what an adorable little place you have here! Love snowmen! I decorate my kitchen with little blue snowmen every Christmas!

Hey, Thank You so much for the sweet birthday wishes! It just means so much and I love meeting new people, so I hope you will come again! :)

Moobear said...

I know, i know i am probably the ONLY person that cannot get your little cursor snowman where I want him to go, but I finally got here. I love the little tree with the snowmen! I just love snow and it sure makes me get in the Christmas spirit although I had planned to be a Scrooge this year. So much for that. Thanks Peggy!!

God Bless!

PEA said...

You're very much like me, I LOVE snowmen too and have quite a few I put out when it's time to decorate for Christmas!! The ones you have out are so adorable...come over here, we have snow on the ground:-)