Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Windy, Rainy Day

It has poured rain for 2 whole days without letting up. While its been raining, the wind has blown and the sleet and snowflakes came now and then. Thanks to the rain I have a pond in my backyard
Thanks to the wind I now have or had as I moved it a tree limb on the dog fence. Bent it a little but fence is still up.
We may be having a northeasterner coming thru but the animals are dry and fed, I have a big pot of chili cooking, a nice warm fire going. When I have to wade thru the "pond" to check on the animals or get wood my feet don't mind because I have my boots keeping them dry!
Enjoy the evening. Don't stress over preparing your Thanksgiving meal. Be thankful for the many blessings of the day even boots to keep your feet dry!


Lee-ann said...


gosh that look so nice :o) I know it can be such a lot of extra work but I would be happy to have a little pond in my back yard too at the moment. (now you know my roses would love it!)

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog I am SO! SO! pleased to be back and looking around at my friends blogs so will take another look as yours and can I wish you A TRULY "Happy thanksgiving" my friend.

Rosa said...

Wow, Peg! That is some rain!! Yuk. Thank you again for your wonderful package. I opened a freshly made Miss Diva soap last night and so enjoyed using it. Thank you for rushing the order out! My brother and his family will be thoroughly spoiled by your soaps! (I have my tea towels out now too! Love them!!) You are the bestest. Sending peaceful wishes your way for a lovely Thanksgiving. xoxo

Kali said...

hehe...I love those moo-moo boots!
Happy Thanksgiving to you Peggy. :)

tlawwife said...

I can't wait to see your place in person, it looks so great in pictures. Love the boots.

novaks8 said...

you guys were on the weather channel this morning.
Never a good thing.

It flooded here and whipped and wailed but we have been there before.

Glad you are warm and dry!

Anonymous said...

MMMM a big pot of chili sounds good to me, much better than a roasted turkey. I don't eat beef, but my dh makes a SUPER turkey chili!