Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dear Santa

Instead of stopping by my home this year would you do a few favors for me instead? I have been very blessed this year with family, friends and home so want my Christmas treats to go to some very special people.
Could you stop by Marci's and leave her the secret list of all the new babies being born to her friends and family in 2007 so she will know in advance how many to knit for and how many she will get to cuddle and love?
Flossy has had a rough few months with her stepdaughters accident so a nice relaxing weekend with her husband would put a smile on her face.
Lisa over at Crazy Cow Farms is so thankful her husband is doing so well on the new meds that she hasn't ask for anything. I know that in your magic bag you could find a nice used pickup to leave in her driveway Christmas morn.
Kali is a very special friend so I would love it if you could stuff her stocking with lovely material and vintage cookbooks.
Mary is like a daughter to me Santa and I would really really like for her to have a nice new BIG dishwasher under her Christmas tree. I promise you she will use it everyday!
Jeanne is always doing for others. Making sure her friends and family needs come before hers. Could you give her free international calling for a year so she could talk to her children anytime and for as long as she likes? I would really appreciate it if you could.
Donna shares her blessings with us everyday Santa. Could you see if you have lots of crochet thread, cookbooks, old family movies and some really good reading books for her?
Nicole is so busy baking, decorating cakes, painting, and crafting that I think a weekend at a spa complete with a massage would make a perfect stocking stuffer for her!
Judy is waiting patiently for Norm the Gnome to show up. Is there anyway you could track him down and stick him in her stocking? I miss the little guy myself.
Could you please fill Patty's stocking with lots of chocolates and cappuccano? I enjoy reading her Morning Rambles.
Oh and Santa could you drop off all the episodes of I Love Lucy at Connies? If you have time could you leave her a supply of nice hot piazzas too?
Bossy Bee is in need of a housekeeper Santa. I know she has had a few naughty days this year but I promise to make her behave at least till Christmas day if you will also leave her a years supply of toilet paper.
Lisa over at handofenchantment is very sad right now Santa. Her mom is very ill and she and her brothers have to make some tough decisions in the next few weeks. Could you give Lisa lots of love and peace to carry her through the rough days ahead? Thank you Santa!
Lee-Ann has her home all decorated and waiting for your arrival. All you need to do to make her Christmas perfect is leave a friendly village soup terrine under her tree. She would give you the biggest hug and kiss!
My friend Pea is having trouble with her internet service Santa. How about we just get her a whole new service that's faster and better?
Rosemary is one of the most busiest people I know. She would love to have a long weekend with her hubby without any interruptions or trips.
Santa I have a very special request to ask you for Patricia and Homemaker Ang. Is there anyway you could get the stork to deliver a bundle of joy to their homes sometime in 2007? You would sure put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces!
Miss Robyn has had a stressful year Santa. Could we give her a worry free 2007?
There isn't too much you have to do for Lady Laurie. They are almost finished rebuilding their home. Could you make the rest of the building go fast and smooth? Help her get back into her home fast? Santa you are such a wonderful guy for helping me out with my wishes!
Here's another easy one for you Santa. Give Tee a mother in law free year. I think you understand how precious a gift that would be.
Santa could you find a way for Cora, Sandy and I to get together one day? It would be so nice to meet with my special friends. But till then could you leave a nice big gift basket of Miss Diva's soaps under their tree?
Santa I am so blessed with all the blog neighbors. I would like for you to listen to their heart and pick the one most important thing they are in need of at Christmas and deliver it from me. They are always here when I need them Santa. Each one is very special to me and I want their Christmas to be as special as they are. Thank you so much for reading my letter and thank you Santa for putting the magic into the Christmas Holiday.
Hugs and Kisses you Jolly Ole Man!
P.S. Santa would you stop by Philips on your way from the North Pole? Under his tree I would love for him to have a very special someone to share his life and dreams. He is a very special friend and I know he is on your nice list. Thanks again Santa and I am sure I will be adding to my letter again if you don't mind.
P.P. S. Santa could you fill peppylady's stocking with English chocolates? She never gets to eat many as her hubby and sons love them too. thanks!


Anonymous said...

Very sweet. I love the one you did for Marci!

Anonymous said...

AND dear Santa - can you please give Peggy the biggest hug for being such a dear sweet friend.
oh and please Sant - let Ms* Diva continue to enchant us with her antics xoxo

Pretty Lady said...

You are so thoughtful. God bless you and your family and your blog friends! And I ask Santa to keep giving me the same. I am so blessed.

Anonymous said...

PEGGY, I just knew you were one of the most gentle, caring soles I have ever met now I know for sure.

May Santa, bring you blessings and may he fill your home with joy! today, tomorrow and forever.

I have been a blogger! :o) since just this past march but I know there was a plan! for all this and it is called friendship!!! it is happening right now as I write this, it happens to many and it happens often what a lovely way to be part of the world through friendship with others.

Dear friend have a lovely evening. Lee-ann

Anonymous said...

gosh I am so sorry soul, It is soul........But I knew that! and ment that....O! gosh You know I did don't you???

((whisper))......sorry Peggy.

Anonymous said...

I very carefully read your post looking for your wish for me. And there is was at the bottom.

"Hugs and Kisses, you Jolly ole Man!" :)))))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting a good word in for me! I hope you get something special for Christmas as well, you dear, sweet lady!

PEA said...

Oh Peggy, this letter to Santa warmed my heart so very special you are!! You are such a giving and generous person and I'm so glad we found each other in this big wide blogging world!! Much love xoxox

Anonymous said...

What a sweet letter to Santa, so giving.

novaks8 said...

I have had a sad day since hearing about Mr Kim being found dead so I have been counting my blessings and trying not to complain as much.

Thank you for thinking of me and for being like A SISTER (NOT MOTHER!!!) to me!

Lisa came up with an idea for the three of us to meet up in Smithfield (or Raleigh) for some shopping one day.

What does your schedule look like?
I would love to go while my mother in law is here!

Rosa said...

Peggy, you are the bestest ever. Thank you! Big ol' hugs!

tlawwife said...

What a lovely list you have. I just wanted to tell Jeane that when our daughter was in England we talked to her for free on For the totally free you have to each have a computer with a microphone. For VERY little money you can use it to talk to a regular phone. I have quite a few friends who use this service for overseas calls.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, thank you peggy...

and I really need that TP too..for real:)

Jeanne said...

How wonderful and sweet of a friend you are to so many.
We are all so blessed to have you in our lives.
God bless you and your family real good at Christmas and always.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Tee said...

Peggy - This is so sweet and you picked the PERFECT gift for me (and I can tell that you picked a perfect gift for others as well!)

I also read Patricia's blog so your request for her made me tear up. I hope "Santa" (or God), will grant that one especially.

I'll ask Santa to set up a conveyor belt directly from your house to the post office so you don't have to run over there all the time. How's that? ;)

Gina said...

Peggy, you truly are a sweet soul! I wish you get your hearts desire this year. May it be blessed with kindness just like you have shown to others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy,
I wish for Santa to fill your stocking with joy and blessings for you and your family!
Love and Blessings...

Marci said...

Peggy, what a sweetheart you are. I would indeed love that gift. May the Lord grant you a year of rich blessings as you are such a giver. Thanks!!