Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hidden Haven Babies

Remember my little baby chicks?

Well, they are teenagers now. William and Wayne are building a small chicken pen with a roosting house for them. They are in Bud's summer home right now that I covered in plastic and put in a heat light. They are getting big enough they are wanting to roost instead of sleeping all bunched together. Hopefully tomorrow they will be in their new home. They will stay there for a few weeks till they are big enough to live with the big chickens.

This is Gertrude when she was a baby and when she is now a teenager. She meets me every morning and pecks my hands if I don't fill the feeder fast enough. She jumps on my shoulder and tries to peck my hair. We had 27 chicks hatch out and we still have 27 chicks running around. Betty Boop and Blondie are sitting on 6 eggs right now but I think they won't hatch. The poor girls won't let me take the eggs so will wait a little longer before cleaning out their nests. Am going to take my duck eggs to the neighbors so she can put them in her incubators to hatch. Thumper and Flower should have baby bunnies soon. Nitro and Diva will hopefully have babies in May. Hidden Haven is having a baby boom!


Anonymous said...

You are gathering quite a family of animals....and there all so darn cute..... Check out my blog to see how Norm is doing.....lol

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Man babies everywhere!! You must have your hands full Peggy. Love to read about them. Wish you lived closer I would give you our cat Simon. He is just too onery for us to keep anymore. He likes to attack me. I have no idea why...but since Lucy left he is worse. I think we are going to have to find a new home for him. Sandy

Rosa said...

Awwwwwwwww. Nothing sweeter.

Anonymous said...

You must really handle your chickens a lot. I have raised ours, but none of mine have ever been that friendly. They all come running when they see me, because they know I usually have food. I am glad you get to be up close and personal with them. =)

Anonymous said...

Ah! I just love babies...no matter what kind they are. Teenagers? Now they scare me a little :-p

Tee said...

Those chickens will soon start rolling their eyes, slamming doors and asking to borrow the car.... SIGH. How quickly they've grown up.

ROFL ;) I couldn't resist!

I can't wait to see MRS. Diva's baby in the Spring!