Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Make Your Own Lavender Candle

Scented candles are expensive to buy but very easy to make. I like lavender as its a delightful scent that seems to fragrance the whole house.

Here is what you need:
2 lbs of paraffin wax
2 colored crayons or a candle colorant (if you want color)
2 cups of dried lavender or 4 cups of fresh flowers
candle molds or any old cans( cleaned of course )
Petroleum jelly
candle wicking

Here is all you have to do:
Break up the wax into small pieces and melt in a double boiler or in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Keep heat very low and watch carefully as paraffin is flammable. Stir in your crayons or coloring if using. Remove from heat and then add lavender. Coat your molds or cans with petroleum jelly and drop a length of wick into each mold so that it touches the bottom. Hold the other end around a pencil resting across the mold or can's rim to keep the wick centered as you pour the wax. When the wax cools to a gel, pour it into the molds or cans. Allow the candles to set overnight. The next day remove from molds or cans and you have your own lavender scented candles! You can leave the lavender out and use fragrance oils to scent your candles any scent you wish. Now go make some candles!


PEA said...

I've never tried to make my own candles but you make it sound so easy!! I've copied down the instructions so will have to give it a try one day soon! Thanks so much Peggy! Hugs xox

Jeanne said...

You are always doing something sweet and special.
God bless you and yours real good.
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Peggy gosh I think I will! yes! I will I will make some candles and do a "show and tell" on my blog as it could do with a real good cheer up after the week I have had don't you think.

You keep warm now you hear!! :o)

I sit here with two fans going and sweat trickling down my back I am so hot lol lol.
Joy to you Peggy.

Anonymous said...

I have lavender here, for I make flax seed and lavender packs to heat in the I think I will try that.....I didn't know you could add the dry lavender into the candle wax..

A couple of years ago, my daughter Lori and Linda took a day and made bees wax candles....they were so proud, and Linda brought hers home and had them setting in a bowl, and went away.....when she came home Pongo her dog ate every one of them..
and didn't even get sick....maybe she is part goat? LOL

Anonymous said...

That is just so cute! So, is Diva going to be a mama?

Love the song you have playing and thanks so much for the candle! I LOVE Lavender.

Stay Warm! The weather is rather strange all over!