Thursday, February 01, 2007

Its Snowing!

We finally have snow! It has been several years since we have had snow and no its not a blizzard but everything is white and looks so beautiful. Did I tell you we had snow????!!!!

Some of the teens ventured out to see what that white stuff was while the rest decided they would just look at it from inside the teen dorm.

Nitro and Diva said they weren't even coming out for all the cookies and treats in the world!
The big chickens came down from the roosting house to stand around under the laying boxes to stare at all that white stuff.
What a blessing to have such a beautiful snow in an area where its so rare. Hope each of you have a safe, warm, happy day.
Today's Thought For The Day
Love has good manners and does not take selfish advantage. It is not arrogant but rather breaks down barriers. It is not touchy and does not gloat over the downfall of others. Composed and gentle, love possesses an inner strength and warmth.


PEA said...

Oh wow, look at the snow! I guess it would be quite exciting to see if you're not used to it:-) I had to laugh at your animals, the way they looked, as if NO WAY they were touching that stuff! hehe Stay warm and maybe you can make a snowman...a teenie tiny one? lol Hugs xoxo

Sandy said...

Thank You for sharing the snow. I never get snow in California. At least not where I live. Your farm friends look like my dog when it is raining she looks at it and won't go out in the rain. Today's thought for the day is a wonderful thought. Thank You again for sharing your tresures with all the blog readers to see.
Sandy & Jinger

Donna said...

I'm so excited for you. Snow does make everything beautiful!

Caroline said...

I tossed a couple of flakes of hay out for the goats, to try to encourage them to get some fresh air. Instead of eating it they turned it into bedding. Hey, they were still outside!

Can't wait to see Diva's new coat! Love your chicken pics, too. I need to try to get a good close-up of one or two of the Polish chicks.