Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Spring is poking its head out for a preview. Won't be long till everything budding out and the birds are all gathering at the birdbaths.

Today has been a nice day. Winter winds are still blowing so a fire has been going all day in the stove. Gert (teen rooster) even wanted to snuggle down under my jacket when I picked him up today. Diva and Nitro did a little sunbathing till the wind picked up and then they headed back into their stalls. The baby bunnies all have their eyes open. Looks like they growed 3 inches overnight! Thumper had unlatched the screen between the two condos and was in with Flower. He wasn't happy with me when I put him back in his side and fixed the latch so he couldn't open it. Flower needs more time to rest before he thinks about making more babies! Sold 5 more dozen eggs today. The hens are laying like its summertime so I am going to make egg and potato salad tomorrow with some of the eggs. I got Diva's hat for St Patrick's Day and Easter but couldn't find one for Valentines Day. I do have an ideal of something she can wear for that day. Have to keep her styling for the holidays! I have watched part of the second season of The Walton's. Just love that show! Took down my bamboo shades and hung curtains in the living room. Still doing paperwork with no end in sight. Have a book I am reading for a review that came with a CD I need to listen to. Got a big soap order and a few small ones I need to get packaged. Life around the homestead is wonderful or at least thats what the animals seem to be saying. Have a wonderful weekend and hope your football team wins.


Memories connect me to my past, like mile markers on a map, and guide me to the future.


PEA said...

I love the way you keep Miss Diva in style! lol Can't wait to see her in her new hats when the time comes:-) Over here Spring doesn't start making an appearance until April so I have a couple more months to wait yet..sigh! We've been lucky so far, not getting much snow at all. Nobody watches football in this house so it's just a usual Sunday...I know there are Super Bowl parties going on everywhere though!! Hugs xox

Sandy said...

Thank You for sharing the first signs of Spring!. I am amazed how the ground is white with snow and appears frozen in time, but underneath it is full of life. I can' t wait to see the new hats on Mrs. Diva.
Have a great week!
Sandy & Jinger

Jeanne said...

It is so very very very cold here.
The thoughts of Spring are forever welcome.
Love and hugs and smiles
across the miles
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

I had to sit down and take a minute to visit a few of your posts that I'd missed... and I'm so very glad that I did. I thankyou Peggy for being 'you' and sharing with me your life. I get so much enjoyment from you and walk away feeling like I have just sat down with a friend and shared a cup of tea and her life. You mean so very much to me Peggy.. and I wanted you to know. Lots of love, Nicole xox.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy, thanks for stopping by and seeing our Miss Annie. She is doing better every day and is out and about the house. When someone stops by she is still a little hesitant about new people. She is a sweetheart though. I am so happy!!
Your farm is doing great now. I always love Miss Diva and her hats!! Love your site anyway. I think I told you that I voted for you...Hope you win. sandy

judypatooote said...

First signs of Spring, boy that sounds good....but it is -3 degree below zero here, with chill factor of -21 below......I'm sure glad we didn't get any pop up flowers for they would be zonked.....