Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Isn't She Cute?

No, Don't get excited. Diva didn't have a baby, This little cutie belongs to my daughter Maggie. She has a Norwegian Dwarf billy and someone had a Pygmy doe they needed to find a home for so she took her. I told her she would have a baby goat one day but she said no mom. Billy is much smaller than Mandy and can't reach her. I told her she would have a baby goat one day. She called me Sunday to tell me she found a baby goat in the goat house when they went to clean it out. Grim was a couple days old. Seems my granddaughter's favorite cartoon had something to do with the names of all 3 goats. Grim is smaller than their cat and they all are in love with her so think she will become a member of their family.

I spent another day in the soap shop but will be back out there tomorrow. Have a couple big orders to get out along with some regular ones and trying hard to build up my stock. A wonderful spring like day here. The cabbage, onions and lettuce are growing like crazy. My blueberry bushes I set out have tiny leaves popping out. Birds were singing and it was a productive day.


Rachel said...

Grim is absolutely adorable! I would just love to be able to pet that baby!! So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Melody.
Grim is soooooo gorgeous. I think I am in love! Let me know if they need a goat sitter and I'll find the nearest airport lol.

I love the way you have organised your soap area. I can't wait until my order arrives... I have ordered different ones this time.... Mmmmmmmmm.

xox Nicole.
ps. Have I told you that I always leave your site up while I work so I can listen to your music?

meggie said...

I just love that baby!! Any baby is so precious- human or otherwise.
I wish I could see the baby.

Mary said...

Grim is the cutest little guy - are you sure he's not a stuffed baby, just looks so perfect and standing still for the camera! Will he get much bigger?

Donna said...

I never knew goats could be that little. Grim is adorable!

SweetJen said...

Wow. That has got to be the cutest critter I've seen...well, since Rhembein's lambies...adorable! I just want to cuddle her. :)

Rosa said...

I knew I had been away for a couple of days, but when I saw the baby, I immediately though DIVA!! He is the cutest little bugger. Awww. What wonderful markings.

rhembein said...

OH CUTE! I think we need a Pigmy goat too!!!! :) SO CUTE!