Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunny Day Chasing The Clouds Away

It has been a beautiful day! I moved the baby chicks house into the soap shop from the back deck. I put Diva and Sammi in with the chickens to get a break from Nitro. They enjoyed sunbathing all day. I took my neighbor to pick up a peafowl hen. It was a 2 hour drive one way but we enjoyed chatting. I am going to get a pair next week when I have a pen built for them. The man also had ducks so I can finally get a couple of female ducks for Donald and Daffy. They are driving Sally crazy. I sold my antique icebox on ebay. The items I have listed so far are doing pretty good. I listed the vintage picnic set today. I had forgotten I had it and was packing away more items from the kitchen remodel and found the set in the cabinet. I think it would be better to be with a person that would enjoy using it instead of sitting in my cabinet. I finally got my diningroom light up. I went with a ceiling fan and light but I like it. It wasn't my first choice but I didn't want to wait for a special order. I will take a photo tomorrow as I need a shower and some dinner. I haven't stopped to eat since breakfast and my tummy is crying "feed me". I will list the winner of my One World One HeART give away in the morning. Can't wait to see who the winner is!! Have a great night and don't forget to give thanks for your blessings.


PEA said...

Hello dear Peggy:-) I was only gone away for a few days but it feels more like a month!! Trying to get caught up with everyone now. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts I had missed...I can't believe more baby bunnies already, they're so precious!! Wow you certainly did great at your yard sale...imagine someone buying almost everything you had:-) xox

Rachel said...

I checked out your items on Ebay! People love those vintage items.

Sounds like all is well on the homestead!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Nice to be home again and read about all your wonderful animals!! I am tired and hubby is back to work but all is well with Flip Flop and family!! Sandy