Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Quiet day here today. All the animals seem to know I have things to do inside so have been behaving. Diva is eating everything in sight! She acts like she is starving though she has been fed, grain, alfalfa, carrots, cookies, and even some of her favorite leaves.. red tips. My neighbor called and told me I could trim her red tip bushes and give the leaves to the goats. I had already trimmed the ones hanging on our side of the fence so I went in her yard and trimmed some. They lasted all of 5 minutes! I will get them more tomorrow. Besides wanting to eat all the time Diva is doing fine. I think she has decided to stay pregnant forever so she can get lots of attention. Kathleen ask in a comment if I had names picked out. I don't usually name a animal till I get a feel of their personality. BUT! If you have any names you think fitting for Ms. Diva's offspring leave your suggestions in my comments. Who knows I might just choose one of them! The first part of the name has to be hidden haven for registration purposes so don't make it too long. So if you are having a quiet Sunday too you can put your mind to work and see what you come up with. I am 99% sure Diva has 2 babies if not more if that will help you in naming.


PEA said...

At least she hasn't asked for pickles and ice cream yet! lol It's midnight here and my brain has stopped functioning so I can't think of any names for her babies...will let you know tomorrow! lol xox

miss*R said...

seeing as I am the honorary Godmother - me thinks something australian should be in there somewhere - hidden haven li'l aussie babe.... or just - hidden haven aussie babe.. or even hidden haven ms*aussie..

I love Diva! (I need a t-shirt saying that)

Rachel said...

Loved your pictures in the previous post!

How about Hidden Haven Angel Dust
Hidden Haven Hannah Belle
Hidden Haven Heather Lea


Rosie said...

Hey Peggy,

Found your blog over on blogshares while browsing.

One of my kidding storm hit in February... went into early labor a month ahead of time. Got triplets...all does out of her. Here's best wishes for multiples and doelings with an easy, uncomplicated labor.

Drop by sometime...I have lots of goat enthusiasts and admirers who visit me. I have you blogrolled now.

Rachel said...


Hidden Haven Diva's Child.
Hidden Haven's Timely Gain.
Hidden Haven's Royal Lad.
Hidden Haven's Royal Lass (or Lassie).
Hidden Haven's Dishy Diva
Hidden Haven's Dashing Gal (or lad)
Hidden Haven's Pearly Gem
Hidden Haven's Chance to Go
Hidden Haven's Golden One
Hidden Haven's Diva Delight
Hidden Haven's Rosie Delight
Hidden Haven Diva's Dream
Hidden Haven's Celestal Child
Hidden Haven's Charming Lad (or Lass)
Hidden Haven's Glitter Gal
Hidden Haven's Hearthstone
Hidden Haven's Rubies Bright
Hidden Haven's Petunia Blossom

Okay.. I'm finished. Aren't you glad!!! HAHA