Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nine Days Old

Can you believe they are 9 days old already? They still haven't figured out they can each have a side of mom. Poor Diva.

Sammi said it was so hot today she could just die. I actually thought she did till she heard the cookie bag and come running.
Killer has turned out to be a awesome mother hen. She is teaching her little chick all the things it will need to survive. I am very proud of her even if I still have marks from where she bit me while showing our weekend company her chick. She came at me full force but at least our guest know how she got her name!
I have spent the day looking for my AWOL iguana. We put Bud in his summer home but had forgotten we had loosened a board on the back side to get eggs out when we had a hen in there last week. He was sunning in his yard when I left to get goat feed and gone when I returned about 30 minutes later. We have searched the trees, under all the buildings, in the woods, on the neighbors no trespassing property, but no Bud. William thinks he made a run for the swamp and if he did we will never find him. I am hoping he will come back. I have left the board off and his heating pad on and his food and water ready. I have even went out with a flashlight to see if I see eyes shining in the trees. I am just sick he is missing but glad its hot right now so he won't get a chill. The handyman has been searching under the house and under everything he sees . He is afraid Bud will come out and surprise him. Bud knows Wayne is afraid of him so I wouldn't be surprised to hear Wayne scream if he finds him. I promise to take photos of my jewelry tonight. I have been outside all day so haven't had a chance. It has been so hot I have emptied all the water buckets several times today so I could give everyone fresh cold water. The goats drank 3 5 gallon buckets almost empty. Hopefully we will get rain and a cool spell soon instead of this record breaking heat.


Anonymous said...

It's difficult to imagine how hot it is for you there Paggy when it is getting so cold here.
I love the picture of Sammi on the ground and I cannot believe how big the kids are getting.... it's amazing.
I am so pleased that you had such a lovely weekend with your loved ones. It is such a joy to have family around us at these times. Times when we celebrate good things in our lives.
Happy days Peggy xox.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your iguana. I know you are very attached to all your animals...Maybe he just went out for a stroll and you will meet him at one of his rest stops.

Take care,

miss*R said...

sounds like you are in for a hot summer - gee, it seems like last summer only just finished. Hope it cools down for you - we are in winter mode thank goodness

amelia said...

Aren't those little goats just adorable???

I really hope you find Bud, he'll be OK while it's hot but not so good when it's not....

Marci said...

I am sorry that Bud is missing. I will pray that you find him.

Those babies are adorable. I know you are enjoying them.

I cracked up when you said your "dead" doe came suddenly to life when she heard the cookie bag. At least you know what is important to her. What kind of cookies do you give them?

Mrs.Garcia said...

I hope Bud is found soon.
God Bless,

"Early Bird" said...

I hate it that your iguana is there some sort of live trap you could set?

Rachel said...

I hope Bud is just hiding and returns to his home. How awful not to know what happened to him! My fingers are crossed that you'll have good news regarding him!

The babies are so cute!! It is hard to believe that they are that old already.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Oh so sorry for BUD!! I am sure he is happy!! But I bet you are worried sick...take care. SAndy

Rosa said...

Oh dear, I hope he doesn't mosey up my way. I think I may have a heart attack. Sure do hope you find him. Do you think he may wander back? Do ig's do that?