Friday, May 11, 2007

Run Around Sally

is finally a mom. Or at least she laid the eggs that my friend Jane put in the incubator to hatch. Sally doesn't want to be tied down with motherhood. She wants to run around with the boys and have a good time with no commitments. The little black one in front just hatched and still has pieces of his shell on him. The little brown one in back hatched night before last. There are still more eggs that are due to hatch later. Hopefully the little ducklings will not be mad at Sally for not wanting to be a mom.
Edited to add: The ducklings are in a box with a light right now. They will stay there for a few weeks till they are big and strong enough to go in the teen dorm outside. By then the 3 teenage chicks and 3 teen gosling's will be big enough to go to the big pens. They are fed unmedicated start and grow. A feed made for newborn ducks and turkeys. They are eating fine and doing well for those of you that ask. Will wait to name them when I find out their sex.


PEA said...

Oh how cute!! Makes you wish they could stay small like that! Is that usual for a mother duck not to want her chicks? Makes me feel sad for them!! xox

the night owl said...

Hi Peggy,...If the mom does not feed her babies/ Who does????? They are so cute. I would love to hold them.thanks for sharing. Baba

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have seen your Sally's behaviour before. I was married to a woman who decided she did not want to be a mother. I became mother and father to a wonderful son. Happy Mother's Day to Me. I feel sad for all the fun she missed.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everyone else... I feel sad for Sally too. Perhaps when she sees them she will change her mind? At least they have a wonderful Mother in you Peggy. It is our Mothers Day tomorrow adn with all this birthing going on.... it makes it all that much more special... thankyou Peggy. xox

Mary said...

Peggy I just adore ducklings - when I visit the NC State Fair in the Fall I always head to the poultry exhibit just to hold a tiny soft duckling!! I know your's will thrive on that good food you are dishing out!
Diva, dear Diva, hang on girl - deliver on Sunday, that will make Mother's Day extra special for us all.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy thanks for stopping by my Friday Feast!! I keep checking in on Diva even though I have had company the entire week!! I just hope that she is okay...Hey maybe she is waiting for Mother's Day!! Ever think of that???
You have a great Mother's Day yourself..

Anonymous said...

Cute babies...Can't wait to hear their names.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother's Day my friend.

Gwen said...

Hi Peggy.
Those ducklings are loverly,and I
hope Diva's attitude changes towards you,if she only knew she is going to need you.
Hope all goes well!!

Rosie said... cute.

Everytime I raise waterfowl, I swear...never again! They are the messiest little things...never saw a water font they didn't think worthy of knocking over. Impossible to keep them dry and clean. I think my biggest few months of madness were when I raised the 20 something goslings. I put them in a small baby pool with the light over one side.

They are so cute though...completely irresistable.