Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today has been a busy, crazy day. Everytime I started a project I got called away to help someone. I dropped my cellphone in my water tub. Spent alot of time on the road doing errands for everyone but me.William will be home tomorrow. His son and family will be down to see the baby goats Saturday and his niece will be spending Saturday night with us so I am trying to tidy up and fix some meals ahead. I want to enjoy the visits and not be busy.We will be having a couple of cookouts this weekend and eating out on the deck. Its suppose to be hot and sunny.
Worked on my outdoor "bathroom". Got the tub cleaned out and covered my water plant pots with pebbles to keep the soil from dirting the water. Finally got my turtle fountain working and the birdbath fountain going. Now all I need to do is hide the electrical cords.
William got to stop by and visit with Carol and her husband Terry on his way home from CA. Terry did some repairs on Williams truck and they also fed him some really wonderful meals cause I heard how yummy they were from William several times. I am glad William got to meet them since he couldn't be home when they visited here. Carol's granddad has passed away so please stop by and let her know you are thinking of her and her family.

The boys are running around the place like they are grown! Yesterday they couldn't get in and out of the stalls by themselves. Today its as easy as can be for them to go anywhere they want. They run from one end of the pen to the other kicking up their heels. They don't look or act like newborns :(

Below are photos with Brown Robyn in the front. Thought Ms. Robyn might like to see her namesake without Frosty Dan hogging the picture.
And one of Frosty Dan so he won't get his feelings hurt.


Mrs.Garcia said...

Peggy, I just love the new water garden you have made. Frosty Dan is so cute and Brown Robyn is so cute as well.
God Bless,

Rosa said...

They are so adorable! Amazing how quickly they learn! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Those two little guys are set out to have some fun. They are just the cutest.


Merle said...

Hi Peggy ~~ Thank you so much for coming over from Pea's blog to wish
me a Happy Birthday. That was so nice of you. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your little friends. Animals are amazing aren't they - how they get up and walk etc. Thank you Peggy, Take care, Love, Merle.

amelia said...

They are just adorable and so grown up!!

"Early Bird" said...

that is awesome that you are doing an outdoor are so creative!!
Cute pictures of the boys!!

Lady Laurie said...

They don't look like little babies anymore~ they are just adorable!
I think the bathtub garden is a great idea.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

fin said...

I love the garden! Adorable!

peppylady said...

I love your bath tub as a planter/flowerbed. We have an old ringer washing machine.
I thought of turning that in a flower bed.

The kids who marking do they have Diva or Nitro?

Donna said...

Your outdoor bathroom is a really cute idea. The babies look great. I really like the band of white on Frosty looks like he has a belt on!

PEA said...

Peggy? Only you would have a bathroom garden! LOL I love it!! I can't believe how much the boys have grown already...aren't you glad that our children don't start running around like that in just a week? lol Have fun with the family this weekend! xox

Mary said...

How quickly those boys have learned their way around - amazing creatures and so very adorable.

Do you soak in that tub under the stars? Ha! Ha! Such a neat garden feature - you have so much energy and come up with wonderful things.

Greeneyes said...

wow , what a great idea for the tub , you are very creative and must have the energy of the new KIDS you have !
they are so beautiful , and big already , no wonder her legs were spread apart . I love the post about all the going ons of the birth and esp the pic , pat yourself on the back you did a marvelous job , The mommy did too ,cant say much about the snorer!!! LOL, thank you for sharing
Take care Midwife LOL

HomemakerAng said...

they are adorable!!!

miss*R said...

thanks Peggy - I was away and am playing catchup - isn't he just adorable - my heart melts when I look at these little guys.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy . Love your outdoor bathroom and ive been missing a few days Ohh how the little ones have grown.