Monday, June 04, 2007

Brown Robyn and Frosty Dan are past the newborn stage, the baby stage and now into the terrible two week old stage. I already have to sneak to get milk from Sammi and Diva as they are nursing them both. Now when I am milking Sammi they try to drink the milk out of my bucket! When I block them from reaching the bucket they start chewing on my clothes while I milk. They think they will annoy me enough so I will quit and they can have all the milk. Diva is really good about pushing them away if they try to nurse her while I am milking. They get to nurse her all day. All I am asking is one good milking from Diva and the regular two from Sammi. Today I was trying to rake and clean out one of the stalls. They would get right in front of my rake and just stand there. They get that from their dad Nitro. He tries to knock the rake or pitch fork out of my hands. The boys have learned how to climb! Diva and Sammi were standing eating some Alfalfa and the boys tried to climb up on both them. I squatted down to pet and talk to Diva and they tried to climb on my back. I truly have my hands full with these two little bucks! Sister is being such a good mom to her little duckling. The duckling will climb up and sit on her back, but if anyone gets close Sister will cluck and the duckling will run under her wing to hide. I tried all day to get a picture but all I got was Sister cause the duckling was hid from me. It was so hot and humid today after the nice rain yesterday. I cleaned the goat pen and half of one goat stall and will try to do more tomorrow. I had to mail packages this morning so didn't get started early enough in the pen. I need to rake the chicken pen and dog lot plus cut the grass and do some yardwork. William talked to a nice young couple today that live in Nashville, TN. We are hoping they will come work with us. That will give me much needed help with the animals and I will be able to take a day or two break from the homestead. Its hard to find someone I trust to take care of the animals so I can get away. We will see what happens after they visit and see the animals. One of my cabbages was ready to pick today. I am going to cook it with polish sausage, turnips and potatoes in the crockpot for dinner tomorrow. I am also trying my hand at making lotions to go with my soaps. They aren't quite ready yet but soon.. very soon I hope. Hope the start of your week was a great one and don't forget to count your blessings!


miss*R said...

oh my Peggy - those boys will be teens before you know it !
I guess the terrible two weeks is equal to the terrible twos in human life :)
that dinner sounds delish!

meggie said...

It will be nice for you to get some help. You seem to be so busy with all those animals. I still smile every time I think of that little duckling, with her chooky mum!

Jeanette said...

Peggy. sounds like the boys are going through the terrible two's with the climbing, and getting into mischief. I hope you get some good help soon. take care.

Hope said...

Peggy, it sounds like you have your hands full (or should I say fuller) with the two boys. It will be nice for you to get some help.
It's good that you got rain. We got a little shower yesterday, about 15 min. Our grass is so brown and it crunches under your feet!
That cabbage dish sounds wonderful. I love cabbage especially when it's right out of the garden!

Rachel said...

Those two are so cute!!! I'm sure you have your hands full. I hope the possible help turns out great!

A cabbage already!! Wow!!! The crockpot meal sounds great!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I LOVE hearing about things happening at the Homestead. Those wee boys are the CUTEST!! I truly hope it works out with the TN couple so you can have a break now and then!
oooh LOTION - how fab would that be!!

peppylady said...

Peg why do the kids have bells on there collar.