Saturday, June 02, 2007

Catching Up

Thank you for all your comments, emails, concerns and prayers over Bud's disappearance. I have walked to the swamp everyday a different way and checked all the trees and hiding places but still haven't found him. I thought with all the heat we are having he would be sunbathing somewhere and I would see him. Not yet, but I haven't given up. He will survive being loose until cool weather so I hope we have found him by then. Other updates: Killer is being a fantastic mom to her little chick. She is also watching over 4 preteen chicks that were with Sister Sister. The chicks got on Sister Sisters nerves when they got out of the baby stage and she would chase them away from her. I put her back in the big lot and let Killer keep an eye on them. She doesn't mother them like the little chick but she makes sure they eat and behave themselves. Sister is VERY protective of her duckling. She knows its different but not sure why so will not let anyone take a peek at the little one. She sits on it if anyone comes around and will only bring it out to walk around, eat and drink when no one is anywhere near. I will try to get a photo of her teaching it to scratch but it will be hard. I had a nice chat with Mary from fireflies and frogs last night. I had just came in from feeding chickens when she called. Its always fun talking with her as we never run out of anything to talk about! Hopefully I will be seeing her and her kids next weekend. They want to come visit all the animals. Frosty Dan and Brown Robyn are growing so fast! They are eating alfalfa and drinking water already.Frosty Dan is getting more and more like his daddy. He thinks he is hot stuff and wants to butt heads and play all the time. Brown Robyn has the sweetest attitude, just like his mom. He likes to be petted and talked to. He is content just to relax and sunbathing with the big goats. William made it to Wisconsin and is on his way to Nashville from where he hopes to be heading home. Don't think I will get any gifts like I did from his trip to California and his boat race to Mexico. But here are the pictures of the sterling silver sets he surprised me with when he came home last weekend.


Anonymous said...

Love the gifts from your hubby. He definitely gets thumbs up for his thoughtfulness and taste.
Those are the best kind of presents to get...those are a treasure.


PEA said...

Your William has very good taste in jewellry:-) Wonderful sets he got you!! What a shame you still haven't found Bud...hopefully soon!! Glad to hear the rest of the animals are doing well. Wish I lived nearer:-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!! xox

Marci said...

I keep praying you will find Bud. I love the jewelry.

meggie said...

Lovely jewellry!
Do you think the little duckling & it's 'mother' will have a life long bond? I love it that she is so protective of the little duckling- reflects a human mother's love for a child who is different. There is such a lot to be learned from animals.

Donna said...

The jewelry is very pretty!