Thursday, June 21, 2007

Such a Hard Life

Ending the day with a swim should make for some tired, sleepy kids!

Today the grands slept in till 9am. That seemed late enough to me so I started making noise to wake them up. After washing faces, brushing teeth, breakfast they had to go water all the animals. I left that chore for them when I went out to milk and feed at 5:45am. They then decided to play a game of freeze tag, then hide n seek, moved on to bike riding and then the boys played ball while the girls made soap. We jumped in the van to haul off the trash and stop at the store. They also helped me deliver eggs to a customer. Everyone is resting after their lunch while they watch a movie. We have to take Wayne partway home today. His step brother is meeting us and taking him home. Julie and Zack are going to miss all their cousins next week when its just them and me around the homestead. Edited to add how the grands ended their day. Think they will sleep well tonight!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What memories these kids are going to have when they grow up. You are giving them more than they realize right now...Sandy

PEA said...

I wanna have a hard day like that! lol Gosh, those kids are having so much really is a shame that I'm not there to enjoy it with them! hehe xox

Lady Laurie said...

Your grandkids look like they are having a fabulous time ~ what fun it must be to be around all the animals as well!!

meggie said...

Those grandchildren are having wonderful experiences with you Peggy What a great Grandma you are!!
And they all look so happy. Wonderful memories to treasure.