Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yesterday we were out in the yard and heard what we thought was a little homemade plane flying overhead. When we could finally see we realized it was the blimp that had been covering the Women's US Open not far from us. It was right over the house so Zack and I ran inside to get our cameras only to come out and see that it was almost out of sight. What could we do but hop in the van and try to follow it. I must say that the blimp had it in high gear as we never got close to it again though we each managed a not so close photo. We had fun chasing it anyways.

Today the grands did such a good job of raking the backyard and helping me clean the boat that they got to go next door and swim. That is their favorite pasttime. As Zack loves to do back dives off the diving board and Julie is learning to dive. Fran sat and visited with me while they swam. She loves the kids as much as they seem to love her.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

How wonderful to have that pool. Peggy, my friend Betty passed away this morning at 2:15 am. She is now in the arms of Jesus and her suffering is over!! I am so happy for her now!! Just thought you might like to know. Sandy

PEA said...

Some people chase tornados, you chase blimps! LOL What fun though!! I'm guessing that's Fran with the grands? Ahem...where is a pic of YOU with them??? HUH???? hehe Sounds like they're really loving that swimming pool:-) xox

miss*R said...

I thought it was going to be a UFO ! I think it is wonderful that your grandchildren have Fran in their lives - she sounds like a wonderful person and people like that really do enrich our lives xo

Rachel said...

You certainly tried to get a good picture of the blimp since you went after it!! I don't blame you though. I'd have chased it too!!

That pool looks so refreshing and cool! Glad your grandkids are having such a good time and are such good helpers!

Happy 4th!!!

Alice said...

That blimp could have really led you astray...lol.

I shivered when I saw the photos of the pool because it was only 5ºC (41ºF) here today, but we are enjoying the wind and rain after the long drought.

I'm keeping warm while I cook all those apples, but no pies as I don't eat pastry - so Richard doesn't get any either.