Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Been a busy day around the homestead. William was able to come home this afternoon as he doesn't have to be in Kansas City till Friday. We washed his semi, played with the goats, and had a chat with Bud. He also helped me with laundry as I was washing in the washtubs and using the handcrank wringer. Didn't take long with the two of us. Getting ready to go out for a light supper as we are both too tired to cook. We want to get a early start tomorrow on cutting more firewood before he has to leave tomorrow afternoon. It was in the 90's but not too humid so wasn't too uncomfortable working outside. Got the leak fixed in the motorhome so I will finish cleaning it tomorrow and take some pictures.

We aren't working near as hard as hillbilly2b is. They are coming along real good on their home. Rosie has a great post today. Gotta run. Everyone have a blessed evening!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Sounds like a lot of work to me..I had both grandkids today. I am getting a little too old for this but they were really good kids!! Quiet now and that is good!! Sandy

Rosie said...

Hey Peggy!

Thanks for the link! I'm in the middle of my big Feministe guest blogging stint and am writing my butt off doing posts on their site and a companion post on mine...essay and a fiction piece...daily. And of course I didn't do more than outline the thing.

My entire kid herd with the exception of Bridey disappeared today and didn't come home at nightfall. I'm hoping they just escaped and have been staying cool down at the creek and will be back for vittles in the a.m.

meggie said...

Hope you enjoyed your supper. You seem to keep sooo busy!

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Peggy, This sounds like a hard way to wash clothes.When I was little, I remember my mom had a washer with a wringer..I went over to your friends blogs and read them.What a hard working bunch of people !!!