Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Day In Pictures

Tomorrow when its 98F I am going to sit in the rocker and watch the birds in the birdbath and feeders. I am only going out to feed and water. The rest of the day will be inside in the air condition.
The back porch isn't done yet.. soon, I hope, soon.

Move over! You are suppose to share!
Auntie Sammi watching over the boys while Momma Diva eats a snack.
No fair taking pictures with my mouth full!

I am growing into a big handsome buck, don't you want to keep me here forever?
If I look really really sad will you promise not to sell me?
The chickens are letting me know its bedtime not picture taking time!

Sister has taught her little one how to roost. Now the little one is showing Sister its not afraid of heights!

Momma Kitty is suppose to keep baby kitty on the towel if she stays on the sofa. Yesterday Jane dropped by so Momma Kitty carried baby kitty out for her to see then carried her back to her new hiding place. Later when I was relaxing she carried baby kitty back to the sofa where we all spent the night sleeping together. Today she went back to the hiding place and now is back on the sofa. Guess she doesn't like being alone at night.


Lisa said...

Oh your porch is wonderful! Is it screened? I soooooo want a screened in porch to escape the bugs and rain! All your day in pics were beautiful! I had a dog once that would only leave te doghouse to eat/run/play if I sat right in front of it watching her pups. Isn't that so sweet what your kitty does? Well, I guess not when you're all tired out! LOL

LisaOceandreamer said...

I'm glad to know you're going to be taking a rest OUT of that heat. I love seeing all the gang around the homestead. The boys sure have grown, seems only a week ago everyone was awaiting their birth. I just love the way Momma kitty carries around the baby. Are you going to name them?
I love how the porch is coming along, it will be so nice for you to sit out there bug free in the evenings.

Rosie said...

I am so envious. I would love to have your goats and chickens. They are beautiful ! I used to have a guinea hen and miss her so. I am thinking next summer, we need to build an enclosure in the back forty. You are a lucky lady. Thanks for sharing :)


Lady Laurie said...

Yes, it has been so hot and humid!
Hope you will be able to relax a bit, I know you are always so busy taking care of everybody.
I know you will enjoy your porch, we are using ours a lot right now!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello Peggy, just dropped by to see what you are doing. it is raining and raining and raining here so we are inside for sure all day today!! I like the rain though so do my flowers!! I love that mama kitten of yours. She looks so young!! I am so glad that she found your home and also at least one of her babies made it. I am so happy that I may get to meet you..WOW!! Sandy

Rachel said...

Oh, they are all so cute? The bunnies are so adorable! So are the goats. Such sweet faces!!

Looks like the cat and kitten are doing great!

PEA said...

I do hope you were able to stay inside today, out of that heat! I went out to water my flowers and that was it...spent all day inside with the air conditioner for company! lol The "boys" sure are looking the close up picture!! xox

Donna said...

Your porch is looking wonderful!

Ulla said...

what a cute mommy!

Paula said...

Really enjoyed seeing your animals. We're just two weeks away from having our goats here. What breed do you have? Hope the weekend is a bit cooler than the week was!

jill said...

i want to live at your house!

Alice said...

I loved your photos of all your animal 'friends', Peggy. They evoke mental pictures of a life that many of us either knew or wish we were still experiencing.

I hope the weather breaks and cools down for you soon. I shan't bother to send you any of our lovely warmth from our new heating - and later, when you do want it, we'll be in cooling mode. Sorry

miss*R said...

Peggy! the boys have grown so much.. are you sure Robyn doesn't want to come live with his godmother???
I love your photos.. delightful!