Saturday, August 18, 2007

Goodbye Cabin

Today I took down the cabin the grands had built this spring. Stacked the wood and wondered if they would build the same cabin next year, something different or will they be too old to even want to build anything. William made the logs out of landscape timbers. Their first use was as a watergarden. There were 3 levels with a small waterfall at the top, pond in the middle and a flower garden on the bottom level. When we moved here we never seemed to have time to put it back together. During Christmas break 2005 Quintin and Gabby found the stack and ask if they could use them to build something.
They worked hard for 2 days getting their cabin just right. Of course there was a few disagreements over where and how to build it. They stuck with it and were so proud of their Crawford Cabin!
Then their cousins came down and not to be outdone they took it apart and rebuilt it.... exactly the same way. The only thing is they almost caught the woods on fire with their campfire. (they didn't rake the dried leaves away from the firepit.Woody, Hope, Zack and Julie enjoy supper around their campfire. Then came spring break of this year and after checking out all the new animals they wanted to get started on the cabin. This time they moved it closer to the house. They were so close to the back steps I had to get them to move it back alittle so we could use the steps. I think they may have watched too many scary movies before building this time.
Woody was helping Zack put down some plastic over the straw as they had plans on spending the night in their cabin.
Woody, Hope, Zack, and Julie trying out their cabin before dark.
The last campfire of the year. The last eating s'mores and telling ghost stories. The secrets the walls of the cabin held. The jokes, the stories, the tears, the laughter that was shared by cousins inside that little cabin are all done for another year. Here's hoping the next school break will bring the grands together working on the cabin as they share stories, memories and laughter. Lots of laughter.

Mary from Fireflies and Frogs has tagged me to list ten things I like about myself. Though it took me all afternoon I think I finally have ten.
1. My faith. I like that I am not ashamed of my faith and good or bad days I am blessed.
2. Being able to understand my animals. I know its strange but 9 out of 10 times when one of my animals makes a noise I know what they are trying to tell me they need or just want.
3. That I am a "cool" grandma (according to Zack) even when I wake them up to do chores.
4. That I am losing weight though not as fast as I would like but I am losing and feeling good.
5. My relationship with my daughters. We can talk about anything with each other. I can have a friend relationship without losing the mother/daughter one.
6. My love of farm work. I might grumble about having to get up early but I love feeding, milking and talking to the animals first thing each morning.
7. That I can actually make soap. I am not a talented person so finding something I can do that others actually enjoy makes me feel very good.
8. My love of reading. I can read 24/7. I love all types of books.
9. Being a friend. I am not one to collect friends just to have them. I take friendship seriously. If a friend needs something I want them to know I am there for them no matter what.
10. My desire to live life simply. I never thought I would want the hardwork of countrylife but I love it and am proud of every step I take to getting back to the basic way of living.

I am not sure who has been tagged and who hasn't but if you do this please leave me a comment so I can read your list of things you like about yourself.
Have a great weekend and don't forget to count those blessings!


PEA said...

That fiddling music has got me dancing in my chair! lol I love it!! I used to attend the Fiddling Festival every year, I so love the music. Such precious memories these kids will have of having built a cabin every time they visit you:-) I loved reading your meme can tell how much you love the farm life and that you're such a natural at it!! xox

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This helped me to get to know you even better Peggy..ARE you still coming to Savannah in October? We sure would love to have you come...Please let me know..Okay? I have always wanted to meet you. Those that are coming are a great group believe me...Wonderful women...all Christian ladies too. Blessings, Sandy

Rosie said...

I love that tradition with the cabin. It's really neat that they rebuild it when they visit.

Peggy, I love your list...we really need to hook up...we have so much in common.


meggie said...

Your Grandchildren are having a wonderful childhood at your place! They will have memories to warm the forever!
We had family, so had a wonderful weekend. And now I am soo tired!

miss*R said...

it must be such fun coming to your home for holidays - a new cabin each time.. the grandkids must have a ball deciding what to build!
I like your meme.. I love that you can make soap too! Oh & I am blessed that you are my friend xoxo

Terri and Bob said...

NEATO!! I would have loved building a cabin or something... gigantic Lincoln Logs! I am an elementary principal and its the perfect job for me since I am such a kid myself most of the time!

I loved reading your list!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I trust you warned the kids the cabin was coming down. . .otherwise you may lose the "cool grandma" designation.

Your list just confirms why I like you so!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

PS: If you like the fiddle music so much you should be here in Sturgeon Falls for a week of fiddle and stepdancing. Ya hoo!

Pea is close enough she could come over for a day!

Jeanne said...

Happy Sunday my lovely friend!

Anonymous said...

Great list!! I know you are a way cool grandma. You can tell by all your pictures that the kids are having the time of thier life. How fun to be able to build little cabins...We played in boxes and pretended they were

Hope you are doing well.

Rosa said...

Still love those life-size Lincoln logs!! I bet it was sad taking it apart--and hot!