Thursday, September 06, 2007

The ducks are in solitary confinement. For the past 2 weeks I have been letting them, the geese, chickens, and the guineas free roam during the day. They have been staying on the property eating bugs,

Finishing off what was left of my gardens and just enjoying being free. Well today Daffy, Donald and Sally decided to go off on a adventure. They went to one of my neighbors and went swimming in her pond. Thank goodness they didn't tear anything up or eat her fish. They just enjoyed swimming in her pond as she had her fountain going. So now they are in big trouble. They have to stay in the pen and swim in their own pond (which by the way is bigger, just doesn't have a fountain) while the geese and chickens enjoy being free. William will be home tomorrow and we are going to start work on fencing in all of the property so all the animals can roam around and not get the bright ideal of going on a adventure. Sally is very upset she can't get out but Daffy and Donald are taking a bath. Daisy was the smart duck. She stayed home when they decided to sneak off. She could care less if she gets out of the pen or not just as long as she gets food.
I got 2 loads of laundry done in my trusty washtubs. They smell so fresh and clean after hanging on the clothesline all day. Got a lot of outside things done, some housework and even had time to go thrift storing. I got a lap quilt, cute little pillow, basket, couple of books, 2 pair of name brand jeans, a vintage cream pitcher and a baby gate (to use with the cats and chickens) and only spent $7.00. Tomorrow will be time to rake the pens and plan a nice meal for William.Hope your day has been filled with blessings!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You are the best shopper OR of course you have the best stores to go too!!! I would love to go to some of those stores that you go too!! What fun to shop together!! I hope that you are still coming next month. Sandy

Lee-ann said...

Peggy, the ducks look happy and gosh look at the shine on their feathers as we say, they look like they get a good feed!!!

A black bear "OMG" I think I would pee! my P.....well you get the idear if I saw a black bear come out the woods for a good feed there is that food thing again! ((smiles))

love visiting you! I always leave with a smile on my face.

Oops I missed something.........I see Sandy mentioned shopping in her comments I missed that I am going back for a look at that post. hehehehehe!


peppylady said...

Sound like your busy

miss*R said...

I love the fresh smell of washing after it has been hanging in the sun! Love your Tales of Ducks, Geese & chickens!

do you have farmstay holidays over there? where you have paying guests to enjoy farm life? It is really popular here, some farmers do it to supplement their income.

meggie said...

Our washing is on the thr rain! I asked GOM not to hang it out, but he insisted, & it has rained all day!
Your thrift shop sounds like a great source of goodies!

Anonymous said...

You really cleaned up at the thrift shop. Sounds like you got some real treasures.
Have fun and take care,

mgm said...

HI PEGGY! Great to see you over by me yesterday(with all my starting and stopping blogging)I lose touch* ahh I see we have baby boys for Diva and so much other activity since I lost touch with fun I'm amazed how you do it all! Monday will be sad day for Mad:( we are giving the hen girls to a farm:( the one sad thing about leaving the country for city life again* Take Care*

PEA said...

Good morning Peggy:-) The ducks are probably reminding you that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!! hehe Hopefully you've got a good neighbour! lol I went thrift shopping yesterday too and found some lovely items...we would have so much fun together! xox

Kathleen Marie said...

WOW! Seven bucks! What a blessing! God is so good to you!!