Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome To My Neighborhood Day is Monday!

Kathleen Marie has declared Monday "Welcome To My Neighborhood" Day. Here is what she has written about it:

I thought it would be nice to see where everyone is from, where they live, learn more about my blogging neighbors, my friends and acquaintances.So, since I can't jump in my car, hop on a train or plane and visit you all, although I would sure like to, I thought it was time for a "bloggy" visit to your neighborhood! Let's have a chat along the yard fence, have coffee or tea at your local hangout, visit your park or favorite attraction. The skies the limit for this neighborhood visit!The day set for this this neighborly visit around Bloggityville is Monday September 17th. On that day everyone will share their favorite things about their neighborhood. This should give us all plenty of time to get those photos, stories and/or slide shows ready. Just sign the linky below so everyone knows who is participating!*Please don't feel like you have to reveal your town, city, state or country. Just share what you feel comfortable sharing. I respect your privacy!Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word on this neighborly visit! That is so super nice of you! Grab the little button if you so desire! Thanks again!
Hope you join in the fun on Monday as I would love to visit your neighborhood!


PEA said...

I was out taking pictures today of my neighbourhood for this and got some strange looks! lol What can't they's for my BLOG!!!!! hehe Glad to hear you're getting some much needed's so cold here, if it decides to rain it will be snow! lol xox

Twinville said...

Just wanted to say hello! YOu recently visited my Blog and were so supportive in our efforts towards living our dreams. Thank you. You have a very fun Blog and I look forward to coming back and reading more soon.


meggie said...

Hi Peggy. I took a little time off, & find you have been busy posting. Lovely posts.

FarmHouse Style said...

I am going today to take pictures. Can't wait to visit with so many lovely new friends.

Thanks for stopping by my post and offering advice. I will give it a try next week and I'll let you know how it turns out.

See you in Bloggityville tomorrow.