Thursday, October 18, 2007

Honey Do Honey Sick

William made it home and after talking with Fran for a few minutes got right to work on his honey do list. My van now has new brakes. His pick up now has new brakes.

And my van now has a big dent in it!
Under the dirt (there is a drought here so good excuse for not washing the van) is tree bark and a dent. William told me to get in and move the van so he could start on the pickup. He forgot to tell me to pump the brake before I used it! I was backing up and couldn't stop. The tree helped me. LOL Now William has a stomach bug. He has been up and down all night and Northern Tissue is his best friend. He has been having chills and fever so think we might be staying home tonight and my day trip to Savannah cancelled. Ms. Fran calls or comes over everyday to tell me about her cards. She is so happy! She sits on her porch and watches for the mailman everyday. I am going to take a picture of her and her cards later today or tomorrow. Thank everyone so much! You really made a sweet lady very happy.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Blame the sick one. He should have set the brakes before turning you loose.:) It I bumped my truck like that all the rust would give way and parts would start dropping off.

I ah been reading about your dreadful drought. It has gone past being an inconvenience. It is time to start flushing your toilet only occasionally using pails of water from your neighbours swimming pool.

Hubby could install a 500 gal tank in the back of his semi and bring you home water from afar.

PEA said...

Hey, you and I have matching dents on our bumpers now! hehe Mine was from backing into a little post that just happened to be there! lol It made me smile thinking of Fran sitting there waiting for the mailman...I finally mailed my card out to her yesterday. I know, I was supposed to do it last week but with my birthday and busy days, I kept forgetting it!! Now it's finally on its way:-) xoxo

Lib said...

Hope William is better.
So nice of him to do the Honey Do list.:o)
You have to watch those trees sometimes they seem to jump out at you,from no where.Lol
Glad Ms.Fran is enjoying her card.Goes to show just what joy a little bit of kindness can do.:o)
Have a Great Day!!

Tee said...

Get well wishes for William.

That's crazy that you were trying to get the car into good repair and end up denting it in the process! Life!

Hey - wanted to let you know, I'm having a pumpkin carving contest on one of my blogs,

The prize is a bar of your pumpkin soap that I just ordered :) I hope that sends some new customers your way. I love your soaps. I can't wait until it arrives. (I ordered vanilla cinnamon for myself) :)

Terri and Bob said...

I thnk dents just add character to our cars, just like any other minor flaw! I am going to check out your soaps!

Mary said...

My bumper has a few scratches on it, but so far no dents. Sorry that hubby forgot to tell you to pump the brakes.

I love the raves about your soaps. I really must check them out. They sound wonderful.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

It is just wonderful that he can do your brakes. I bet that saves a bundle of money.

Hope your hubby feels better very soon.

Take care,

FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear the your Hubby is sick. I hope he is feeling better soon.

Thanks for stopping by to offer Birthday wishes:)


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

We received your great gift today in the mail!! WOW!! you are so very special here!! Jen leaves tomorrow and then Daisy and melli on Saturday!! We have had a good week!! We are all getting really tired. We missed having you. I am hoping NEXT time we can get you in too.


Patti said...

Gosh My trucking Honey never seems to get to MY to do list LOL Can we keep sending cards to Mrs Fran? I would enjoy it.