Friday, October 19, 2007

NC State Fair Part Three

Of course we had to stop and check out the big boy toys.

And the perfect ending as we were walking back to our van.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

At the fair the animals are all so wonderfully cared for and clean.

When I was a child i spent hours in the "Agricultural Building (s)" at the Canadian National Exhibition. How I loved the wonderful animals and livestock: horses, cows, goats, sheep swim, rabbits feathered friends. I even sat through the judging contests. I guess even then I was set to move to the country.

There was always a massive sculpture made out of butter such as a full sized cow.

Lib said...

Peggy, Thanks for sharing.I love smm. fairs.
Hope ya'll are feeling better.
Have a great day.

PEA said...

Oh I so love a fair:-) Glad to see you were able to go and take picture for us!! hehe Wow, those cows sure are huge and that was my first thought too, they look like they're on steroids! It all looked like so much fun with the perfect ending...fireworks!! If I could you know I'd be there for Thanksgiving dinner!!!! lol xoxo

Mary said...


Fall fairs are one of my favorite things. I love seeing all the crafts, quilts, sewing projects and all the animals. I'm not so much for the midway though. Too old for all that whirling stuff. Enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing.

I have a little something for you. You can stop by my blog to pick it up.


Granny said...

You bring back such memories. One of the highlights of my years as a kid was the annual trip to Syracuse for the fair.

We planned it for weeks. I don't think we ever did the midway but we saw all the exhibits and my aunt may have had some entries in the preserves section. It was the first time I ever saw a draft horse (think it was a Belgian). It looked at least 30 feet tall.

miss*R said...

I love your state fair photos! I have had such a nice time looking at them all. We call them 'shows'... we have little shows all over the state then the big one in Sydney called 'The Royal Easter show'.. of course it is held at Easter time and farmers from all over the state show their animals and produce. My Nan sometimes entered her crocheting in and won prizes!

peppylady said...

I've never been to Idaho State Fair but I been to Washington state fair ages ago.
I love going to the fair and seeing all the wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed all your photos from the state fair. Looks like it is definitely something to try and attend. Love the variety of things you get to see and do.

Hope you are doing well.
Take care,

meggie said...

Peggy, Hope you are feeling better, & William is over it too.
What good grandparents to take you grandson to the Fair even though you felt sick.
I love to see all the animals too!

Splaneyo said...

Those piglets are too cute!