Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Early Holiday Wish

I know its a little early but the boys are getting excited about their first Christmas
Hidden Haven Elves (click)


Donna said...

That is so cute! And they dance so well!

Annie said...

That was so cute, I had to make one of us!
Thanks for the laugh!

Mary said...

So funny - I had a giggle! Loved the pics of the time change notice being read - looked so real!!!

Meanwhile, upset to hear about Ms. Fran and her recent health scare. Hope so much she recovers from the stroke and is able to chat again soon. She will be in my prayers - you are a wonderful neighbor to help out so much Peggy. Bless you too.

Rosa said...

Oh dear, he is ready!! You crack me up!

PEA said...

ROFL I loved it!!!! Now I see what you've been doing this them dancing lessons! hehe Oh sis, you really made my day:-) xox