Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Bounty

After finding 8 small hidden treasures of Pirate PopPop the 3 teams had to come back to port and look through their treasures for a clue for each time guiding them to the main bounty. The 3 teams had to put their clues together so they could find the treasure chest.

The race was on when the teams put their clues together and knew where to find the treasure chest!
Each pirate found a treasure bag with their name on it. The men got fishing reels, 2 of the ladies got enamelware bowls and the other two got perfume. The kids got pocket knifes, tablets, and candy. Their small treasures were gold coins (chocolate), gold nuggets (rocks), pencils, balls, ornaments, candy, games, etc. They all decided this would become a annual event.


PEA said...

As your adopted sis, I really should have been there, right???? lol They must have had a ball finding all the clues and then finding the treasure itself. xox

Rosa said...

You are amazing! What fun!!!