Saturday, December 15, 2007

Boxer Fashion Show

Some of the grown-ups backed out of the boxer show but the rest of us had fun. Joseph even had the right music theme song for each of us.
Megan's kids represented her family with a tribute to Elvis. They know he is not my favorite singer!

Thank you Quintin and Gabby. Thank you very much. Please tell me Elvis has left the building.

Melody and her family played tribute to the Sesame Street Gang.

Thank you Melody, Joseph, Woody, Hope, Zack, Julie, and Justin. By the way where is Big Bird??

And of course PopPop and Grandma had to stick to the Christmas Theme and dressed as grandma and grandpa claus

Quintin and Zack decided to duke it out for the best boxers. Who's do you like?


Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Oh, how cute! I Love them all but must give my vote to Grandma ,and Pop Pop . I love this idea. Oh, what Sweet Wonderful Memories you are making here. :o)
Your Place sounds so fun and inviting.:o) I Love each visit to the fullest!Thanks for sharing.

Hope said...

Hi Peggy,
This is just tooo cute!! Who came up with this idea?? Grandma and Pop Pop look really cute. I especially love Pop Pop's shirt...attack of the Christmas Squirrel??? lol
I'm also a big Elvis fan so I'm torn about my vote here!! Yes, I love Sesame Street too...
I'll just have to get back to you with my vote!! :) Great fun and memories for these Grands!

PEA said...

I LOVE IT!!! lol Oh what fun everyone must have had thinking up a theme for their boxers! hehe But sis?? Waddya mean you don't like Elvis??????? You know I'm one of his biggest fans...we gotta talk!!!! hehe xoxo